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Rocket TV – Episode 41 – Do You Have A CTA?

Let’s be honest –

Sometimes we Like to be Told What to Do …

I think we can all agree on that – but what does it really mean?

‘Having a Direction’ – that’s a difficult thing to pin-down – how do you convince someone to do something you ask them to with just words?

How do you get through to them through all their emotions, apprehension, biases – and cut right to them doing what you ask?

What Inspires Us to act … What is an effective Call to Action?

In our latest edition of Rocket TV, I define exactly what that is for you, and how using them in your business – for specific marketing online and more broadly across your business – is Fundamental to Success.



About James Nicholson

James Nicholson is the founder of Rocket Marketing Hub. He’s worked in Digital Marketing for over 10 years for companies like Utility Warehouse, NHS and hundreds more.

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