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What I Learnt From Frank Kern The Highest Paid Internet Marketer In The World.

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They say the early bird catches the worm, and it certainly was an early start on a sunny Sunday at the end of June. I dragged myself out of bed at 7am (Yes I hate an early start) and headed for Hotel Ibis in Earls Court, the event was the Biz Fest 2015 run by the Awesome Dan Bradbury & Nick James. 

The main reason for giving up my weekend was to see Frank Kern the highest paid Internet Marketer in the world.  (A title I would love to take from Frank one day ;-p ). 

Frank has never spoken in the UK so it was really awesome that Dan & Nick negotiated this appearance.  The big names in the US are starting to come over one at a time but Frank has always held out visiting until now. 

Finally we got to see the Worlds Best Internet Marketeer without having to jump on a plane to see him.

Frank Kern is by his own admission lazy, he is not interested in working hard to earn money.  He works smart which a lot of us could learn from, Frank is not interested in small clients he only wants people who pay him the big bucks.

He advised we should all be going for the high paying clients, why have 100 people paying you £100 a month when you could have one paying £10,000.  Its all about how you position yourself in the market, that is the key to getting these high paying clients.

“Dont be Hypey” Everyone is being Hypey and it does not work anymore.  Being human is the key to getting those high ticket customers.

Frank said people are looking for “Done for you services” most people just want you to solve their problem.  This is why high level consulting exists and you could make a lot of money from it.  Frank is always cautious about over promising due to previous legal cases against him, but he delivers it in a way that is funny and in my opinion makes you want his products or services even more. 

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Frank Kern is a big fan of consulting because of the following.

1) You can enter the market quickly.

2) Its profitable with low fixed expenses.

3) People want consultancy services as they often just want it done for them.

Obviously Frank is a business marketing consultant however he makes it very clear you could consult in nearly any niche. 

Here are a few examples of consulting services offered online.

Productivity Consultant.

Sales Consultant

Dating Consultant

Raw Food Consultant

The main reason people are not consulting is due to  FEAR, people are paralysed by the fear of taking the action required to become a consultant.  Lots of people have doubt that they are good enough to be a high ticket consultant.

Frank told those in attendance “The secret to consulting is knowing more than your client does” and I agree with him totally on this.  If you know more than the client on a given topic then you have value you can sell to them.

Not all Consultants have self doubt or the fear of taking action but still fail, so why is that?

The reason for that is they have chosen the wrong segment to offer their services too.  Frank is very strict on who he will work with, choosing only clients who have big lists and a large turnover.  He knows if they have a large list and high turnover then he can easily give them gains in their business that will outweigh his large fee. 

If Frank looked to work with start ups or small business owners, while they might be able to afford his products or services for a short while they would soon run out of funds.  This means they would stop paying fairly quickly and his reputation could also be damaged.

So when looking for your ideal client you should.

Choose the right segment

Think who will benefit the most from working with you

Who can you help the most

Look for clients with big lists, lots of traffic, high margins

The Key to getting high ticket clients.

“Make clients pursue you”

So how does Frank get his clients to pursue him?

First he creates a highly focused FREE report or Video Course, this needs to be quickly consumed so they don’t sit on it for weeks.  Frank uses Squeeze Pages allow the download of these guides our courses. 

(Learn more about Squeeze pages from Dan Harrison here)

how to grow your site using squeeze pages


The next step Frank uses is to offer help for FREE, he offers them a plan to help them fix their burning issue. Frank will ask the potential client a list of questions  that help to create this plan. 

He has a real soft approach to get the client no hard sell, following the creation of the plan he uses his magic question.

“Would you like me to help implement that for you?”

Thats it no hard sell, if they say NO he moves on.  Frank assured us that most people WILL want help implementing this plan as they know he can get it done quickly and better than they would themselves.

Another way Frank gets leads for his consulting is through Webinars.  He tested lots of techniques to get customers but still finds webinars to be the best way to get clients.

The reason they work so well is you have peoples attention for a prolonged period of time, you give them value so they almost feel obliged to buy your products or services. 

Frank is currently spending $3000 per day advertising to get people to his webinars, but he is happy to spend even more as he is making over $1.20 back for every $1 he spends.

The best tip I learnt from Frank is that you need to offer a product for sale immediately after people sign up to register for your webinar.  No one is doing this and it could mean you get FREE traffic to your site and FREE attendees to your Webinar.  

The concept is simple, you pay for traffic from either Facebook or Google to get people to register for your Webinar.  By offering an up-sell immediately after registration it allows you to recoup the cost of advertising. Its a pretty good position to be in prior to your Webinar starting at break even or maybe even in profit.

Here is an example

100 visitors for 75p each

25 of those visitors sign up 25% meaning we got 25 people on our webinar for £75

Cost of each person on the webinar £3

So if we want 100 people on our Webinar at the above figures which seems about right to me, then it would cost us £300.

This is the standard method nearly everyone is using to sign people up to their webinars.  So before we even start the Webinar we are down £300 which puts a lot of pressure on us to sell. 

However we could offer a product for £200 immediately after they sign up to the Webinar. (Often the sign up will be a few days prior to the Webinar) If only 1.5% of our 100 registrants sign up we have broken even.

We have our list for FREE.

Any higher than that and we are making profit =-)

One key thing Frank mentioned was not to offer an upsell that competes with your core offer on the Webinar.  One of his products he offers on his Webinars is Webinar Blueprint, so his upsell for that is a video course.  That product is related but not in direct competition with his Webinar product. 

Also never use the word Webinar when marketing online use the term “tutorial”

While people are waiting for your Webinar its important to Indoctrinate them, keep in touch tell them who you are (Building Authority) and give them valuable content that gives them value before they even attend the Webinar.

Stop the Hype – Everyone has been sold a dud product by a sales person in the past.  So everyone now has their guard up like never before, make sure you make your prospect feel comfortable by offering value.

After your Webinar make sure you have a back end, MOST PEOPLE WILL NOT Buy on your Webinar.  But they will buy at a later date if they have time to think about the product, during this time you need to keep offering value and move them closer to buying.  Having a Webinar follow up with a system like Infusionsoft is vital to get people over the finish line and completing the purchase.

All in all it was a great event with lots learnt, now I need to focus on growing my customer base too. 

If you need to grow your customer base then make sure you sign up to Rocket Marketing Hub for now.

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