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Website Push Notifications: How To Reconnect With Web Guests Without Contact Details

Website Push Notifications

With so many new website features being made available these days, it can be difficult to keep up but hopefully you will have seen website push notifications.

These are a fantastic way to:

  • Convert your website guests into regular fans and visitors to the site
  • Turn these regular visitors into leads
  • Turns leads into customers

There are many ways that your business website can help you follow-up with clients and website push notifications are set to join the ranks of ad retargeting, newsletters and exit pop-ups as fantastic tools that allow you to connect and reconnect with people.

So what are website push notifications?

These notifications are messages that can be clicked on and a website sends it to subscribers right there on their desktop or on their mobile device. It is possible to send a wide array of information to subscribers of this nature, including:

  • Offers – allowing you to inform interested users of a sale or special deal
  • Content – if you have a new post, video, podcast or any content, let people know
  • A poll or survey – if you are looking for feedback, reach out to people
  • Shopping cart – if people abandon their cart, you have a chance to reach back out to them

These are similar to mobile app push notifications but of course, they are for websites, not apps, and you don’t need to be on a mobile device to receive them.

It is very easy to set up website push notifications as there are just two key steps:

A triggered opt-in box

When someone lands on your site, they trigger an opt-in box. This will ask the visitor if they want to be added to your subscriber list and if the user clicks “allow”, they will be added.

Web site push notification

Send Push Notifications

Once someone has subscribed to the service, you send them push notifications that appear in real-time. If the user clicks on the notification, they will be taken to the specified URL.

You will hopefully have a range of ways you can use this style of notification to improve your business but a fantastic way to harness its immediacy comes with short term promotions or issues that are time sensitive.

Create a deadline and add some urgency

Creating a deadline creates a sense of urgency and instils a fear of missing out for some users. This means you are more likely to see people take action when you use this form of notification to link people to something that is running out of time.

There is also a great way to personalise content for people. It is possible to track how long a user has spent on a particular page on your site or how often they have looked at a page on your site. If a user has focused on one product or service but hasn’t purchased or contacted you, your push notification can reach out to them with an offer directly related to this product or service. If you feel as though once the customer uses it they will become a regular customer, offering a discount or a trial service may be of benefit. You don’t want to offer this discount to anyone but if there are customers who seem very interested but haven’t quite taken the plunge; this is a tremendous way to get them to take action.

Provide guests that leave with a reason to return

Many sites are also using it to direct users to linked or related news or products when a user moves away from a page. The fact that this happens instantly makes it more likely that the user will return to your site or will check out what you have to offer.

Automate informing your blog followers

This method is very similar to informing your audience of updates about your blog by email but the difference is, it appears on a person’s screen straight away. Email is still a good form of communication but providing updates in this medium is likely to be much more attractive and effective than sending blog updates via email.

One study undertaken by the VWO blog found that the push notification CTR was better than the email CTR by 331%. Clearly that is just one result but it is enough of a result and margin to make people at least consider the new option.

Recovering abandoned carts can be made easier

Closing the deal is crucial for many firms and seeing carts being abandoned can be heart-breaking at times. There is a thought that this notification method may be more effective in reminding a customer to return and finish their purchase than contacting by email.

Reasons for this include:

  • Shoppers may have switched to another site to compare prices and then got side-tracked
  • Something may have happened during the checkout process

Reminding people on screen that they have a shopping cart with items will hopefully conclude the deal. Some retailers may even offer a discount code at this point to persuade the user to conclude their transaction.

Upselling and cross-selling

Push-notification is also being used to upsell and cross-sell items, although it does require a strong level of segmentation of your audience. However, when it works, you will have invaluable information about your customers, and your audience will develop trust in you and what you offer. In the future, you may find that the customer becomes more reliant on your push-notification tips due to how well it matches them

Collect feedback

Feedback is essential for every firm but it can be difficult to obtain honest and genuine feedback at times. However, the use of push notification messaging can improve this process thanks to its opt-in rate performance (better than email); and you can elicit responses from people after they have been away from your site. There is a belief that on site feedback is more likely to be biased towards a positive review of the company, so allowing a user to provide opinions after they have spent time away from the site may allow for more genuine feedback

Copy for push notifications

When it comes to push notifications, you have to get to the point quickly. Depending on the platform you use, you may be limited to 40 to 120 characters, so remember these points:

  • Be clear on what action you want people to take
  • Identify a single message

You want people to take action from the notification, so make it very clear what action you want people to take. You also want to focus on one issue at a time. Yes, you may have a wide product range to offer but with such a limited opportunity to get your point across, you need to focus on individual matters at a time.

Think about what the user is likely to be most interested in about the page you are sending them to, and make that the focus of your written content. Always aim to reach out to the user and offer them value.

Measuring push notification performance

It is natural that you will first of all look at the people clicking on your push notifications but there are more important things to consider. Ultimately, you will use notifications to convince the user to take action. This action may be to make a purchase, fill in a form and provide you with details, sign up for a trial or something else but ultimately, you want people to do something and that should be the focus of success of a push notification campaign.

You can review your site and determine how people are arriving on your site and from this, review how the people who arrive via push notifications are behaving. There are ways to tweak your push notification to get more people to your site but this won’t legislate for the rest of your site letting you down, so be sure to focus on the bigger picture too.

Push notification is another great tool that businesses can use to connect, engage and re-engage with an audience, but it won’t do everything you need by itself.