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Three Reasons Why Your Rankings Are Falling

3 reasons google ranks are falling

When it comes to achieving success online, there is a need to obtain high rankings. This means that when a website experiences falling rankings with respect to search engines, you may experience a range of emotions. Some people will be despondent, some people will be angry and some people will be confused. There are a lot of questions to be asked at a time like this but the most pertinent question is also the simplest, why?

Why are your rankings falling?

While the question is simple, the answer is not necessarily easy or straightforward. There can be many reasons why your rankings are falling, including:

• You have suffered a manual penalty
• You have no content for people to find
• Your website is in poor condition

These are big reasons but there are also many other reasons that can have an impact on how you rank. When you think about competitive search engine ranking is, it makes sense that a few issues could end up having a negative impact on what you are looking to achieve with your site. With this in mind, there are three big factors in why your rankings could be falling.

Your keyword is not in your page title

If you find that you are slipping down the rankings for a keyword, are you actually using this keyword in your page titles? If you aren’t, you need to rectify this immediately. When it comes to on site SEO, your page title is hugely important. You need to give close consideration to your page title because if you don’t, you will struggle to achieve the SEO results you are looking for.

If this is a problem and you want to rectify it, here are some suitable solutions you should look to use:

• Using a long tail keyword will help you to gain with respect to rankings
• If a page already has quality organic traffic, use the keyword on this page
• Ensure that the keyword is being supported with page content
• Do not over-use the keyword. It is best to use it in the title, in a H1 tag and in the body of your content

You should also be looking to use your keyword on more than one page. You should consider using this keyword as the title of subpages, and spacing your keyword out throughout first-tier pages and sub-pages will be of benefit.

Your leading keyword focused page has a poor quantity of backlinks

When it comes to welcoming organic traffic and convincing people to take action, you will find that a site has a specific subpage or page that they want people to land on. If this page doesn’t have enough quality and legitimate backlinks compared to its rivals for a keyword, it will struggle with respect to rankings.

If other firms have superseded you for a particular keyword, you should look to see if it is related to the number of backlinks pointing towards their site. If you are looking to check this, you need to find a way to examine segmented backlink profiles, with one example being Link Research Tools.

If your relevant page doesn’t have a backlink profile that is strong enough in comparison to rival pages, you will struggle to be ranked. This means that you need to find a way to have a higher number of backlinks pointing towards the relevant page.

Your Main Keyword Focused Page Has A Lot Of Low-Trust Inbound Links

You may think that having more links pointing towards your site would be a solution and a sensible idea, but you cannot solely focus on quantity, you need to consider quality as well. Low quality links can detract from your ranking and page value.
It may be easier said than done to get better quality links pointing towards your site but you may be able to have some of the poorer quality links pointing towards your site removed, which could have a positive impact.

In the Winter of 2013 I did an update on the recent algorithm changes at Google. You should find these useful to working out the issues you have.

Are you using Schema?

You may find that taking care of all of these minor issues and problems will be difficult and time-consuming but it may be that using Schema will provide you with benefits with a minimum of fuss and effort.

Research indicates that sites that utilise Schema markup are more likely to rank higher, so it is worth looking into. It is not as if Schema is a guaranteed path to success in rankings, but there are enough positive findings regarding the use of Schema to suggest that it is worth your time. With the continual evolution of mobile devices and how we access the web, the use of Schema will ensure that your site remains in touch with the latest technological trends and the way people access the internet, so there will be long-term benefits to gain from implementing this change now.

Here is what Matt Cutts thinks about Schema helping your ranks. While he does not say Schema improves ranks, if you read between the lines he is saying it does benefit your site.


Given the large level of competition for many keywords and the wide range of factors that can impact on your ranking, it can be extremely difficult to know why you have lost out on rankings. This means that you will never be 100% certain of what the reason behind a change in ranking is, but by examining the most common reasons, you should find that there is an increased chance to work out why you have slipped.

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