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Tempo Web Design Ltd (Trading as Rocket Marketing Hub) does not make any guarantees about your ability to make money or get results with any of our information, tools or strategies. Rocket Marketing Hub is for education and informational purposes only. None of the strategies or information come with any guarantees or promises of success. We are providing the latest strategies that have worked for either us or other marketeers. However there is no guarantee or promise this will work for your business.

Any earnings referenced on the site are illustrative concepts only and should not be considered actual earnings you will achieve. We suggest you always consult your Lawyer, Solicitor, Accountant or any other professional advisor before implementing any of the information provided on the site.

You are responsible for decisions on spend in your business, we provide you valuable eduction to help make those decisions. But ultimately you need to decide the marketing and methods suitable to your business.


We make no promises or guarantees with our done for you services, we will work to the fullest of our abilities in order to achieve the best results possible for each client.  Past results of clients are no guarantee of similar results for your business.


£295 ex VAT per day (8 hours)

£195 ex VAT per half day (4 hours)

Search engine results vary due to Google’s Algorithm and positions in Google can change daily.  We do not guarantee any position in the search engines but will work with the latest tools and to the best of our knowledge to get the client results.

Hours of Operation

Tempo Web Design Ltd (Trading as Rocket Marketing Hub) head office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm London time GMT.

We close for all British public holidays

Returns & Subscription Cancellations

Where a 100% money back guarantee is in place that will only cover the price of the product only. It does not cover any other associated costs.

To cancel your subscription with Rocket Marketing Hub, please email info@rocketmarketinghub.com please include the following information. Your name Your username Your email address used to access Rocket Marketing Hub. For payments made by Paypal you can also refer to the Paypal user agreement. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full/

Please allow 48 hours for your subscription to be cancelled.

Rocket Marketing monthly subscriptions

Once a monthly subscription has started then no refund will be given for that period.

Rocket Marketing Hub Subscriptions automatically renew every month. This will be at the standard retail price until the subscription is cancelled.

Any questions on our terms and conditions please email info@rocketmarketinghub.com

3 Day Digital Marketing Masterclass 

Request for Refund

All sales are considered final 5 business days from the date of payment received. Should you request a refund on or before 5 business days from the date of sale, you will supply written notice of said request (Email is acceptable) to info@rocketmarketinghub.com at Tempo Web Design Ltd. you will also call Tempo Web Design Ltd and request return instructions. All cancellations and refunds must be authorised by Tempo Web Design Ltd.

Further Product Return Requirements and Conditions:
ALL products and services, including Bonus items, must be returned to Tempo Web Design Ltd staff, officers or agents will not be held responsible for any damage incurred during shipment or returned products to Tempo Web Design Ltd.

  • Written detailed reasons for cancellation should accompany  written notice of cancellation.
  • A photocopy of my sales receipt indicating payment type must accompany your written notice of cancellation.  Your welcome email is your sales receipt.
  • Name, address, telephone number and email address must be legible and contained within written notice of cancellation.
  • Name of the shipping company used and any tracking information (tracking number) must be legible and contained within written notice of cancellation.

Approval of Refund Request

There will be no consideration or authorisation for a refund without meeting all return requirements and conditions outlined above.

I understand upon approval of refund request and receipt of returned product or service by Tempo Web Design Ltd payments made under this written contract of sale will be refunded within 10 business days.

Purchased product or service cannot be returned at subsequent seminars, symposiums or training meetings of Tempo Web Design  Ltd or other PRODUCT OR SERVICE PROVIDERS.

Tempo Web Design Ltd will not be responsible for honouring refunds that do not follow the process outlined above.