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Rocket TV – Episode 15 – How To Use Social Media In The Offline World

By November 18, 2015 Rocket TV No Comments
A great way to get people to engage with your social media is to do something amazing in the real world.
I know crazy right? We should actually engage with people outside of an electronic screen!!
The other day I went to The Krispy Kreme Factory just outside London, well its a big drive thru Krispy Kreme where they make donuts. To me it’s the Krispy Kreme factory!
The place was amazing, I mean look at all those Golden Donuts and the smell was to die for.
Now the point is they were just selling Krispy Kreme donuts I could get any other place.  But they made the experience totally unique, people went there to hang out and have a coffee with a donut or 10.
The point where they really got me was at the till, (Just in case you wondered I ordered a Lotus Caramelised Bischoff and it was AMAZING) you see at the till we paid and went to leave. At that point the checkout lady said would we like another FREE donut, well she did not have to ask me twice.
She walked over to the conveyor belt and gave us each a lovely HOT Original Glazed donut.  Now the point of this whole story is, she made us feel good the checkout lady went above and beyond.  And believe me I have told loads of people about my good fortune, and I even shared it on social media in fact 110,000 of my closest friends are getting this on email today.
So without further a do, this weeks Rocket TV is how you can use the OFFLINE world to increase your social presence.




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