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Rocket TV – Episode 10 – Repurpose Your Content Time and Time again Making It Evergreen

By October 14, 2015 Rocket TV No Comments

Writing content for your website/blog can be time consuming, MOST people write content that is out of date in a few days. Believe me I did that for years, it was time consuming and expensive as my content writers are not cheap.

Let me make it a bit easier to understand, if you are an accountant its great to write a story just after the budget. Tell us what changed for us as a business owner. That content is really valuable but it has a short shelf life. What would be a really good piece of content is 10 tips to save on corporation tax. Now that is info that most likely will be useful for years to come.

That allows you to re-use that content on your blog, social media profiles and in your email marketing. People won’t remember if they read the article a year ago. A few might but I doubt they implemented everything you told them, so its a kind nudge to get on with it.



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