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Rocket TV – Episode 12 – Email Subject Lines, Knobbly Carrots

By October 28, 2015 Rocket TV No Comments


The last few days I have been terrified, literally shacking in my boots while in the office (well brogues but you get the idea!)

You see the office next door has been having extensive building work, and at some point this week they have upset a family of rats. The rats don’t like the noise or the fact that their home is being torn down panel by panel, so they thought they would come and visit our office. They found a route in under our kitchen sink, and for the last 2 days have been running around like they own the place.

Now for those business owners who think people shop on price I have some news for you. People do not shop on price, they shop on the result your product gives them. I spent over £150 on all sorts of devices in Robert Dyas yesterday, the price was not an issue for me I just wanted those pesky rats gone.

This afternoon I am sitting here waiting for the pest control company to come and do the job properly. (Those traps from Robert Dyas were about as good as a chocolate tea pot)

Another important thing in business is getting your message read, you could have the best product or service but if nobody knows about it then its a waste of time. If you have a large email list and nobody is opening your messages then you could be the best kept secret in business.

So without further ado please watch this weeks Rocket TV, and see how you can get your message to your market……



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