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How To Nail Your Branding With Neil Humphrey and James Nicholson

By August 15, 2016 Podcast No Comments
The Brand Gladiator Neil Humphrey

In the latest episode of the Rocket Cast, we’re jumping into the arena of branding with the Brand Gladiator himself Neil Humphrey – who has fought his way to the top of his game when it comes to Branding of products, services and businesses.

James and Neil talk how to position your brand, how colour can separate you from the crowd and get your memorable and how to use psychology in your branding and so much more.

Branding is the what gives your product the reach and impact it needs to stick in the minds of as many people in the market as possible – whether it’s based around individual personality or a lifestyle a company represents.

In this RocketCast Episode:

  • How and where to Position your Brand and which audiences reside where.
  • How to structure the process of Promoting, Commenting and Writing to get people fully Engaged with your Brand.
  • Separating the Emotion attached to your product to make Sound Decisions for your Branding.
  • and much more!

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About James Nicholson

James Nicholson is the founder of Rocket Marketing Hub. He’s worked in Digital Marketing for over 10 years for companies like Utility Warehouse, NHS and hundreds more.

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