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barry allaway

Barry Allaway is a marketing expert I have a lot of respect for, we first met at an internet marketing conference in San Diego this February. He is one of the few people crushing it in the printing industry, while others struggle to keep their printing presses going he is doing better than ever. Barry has a treat for everyone, in the video below he shows you exactly how to set up a Marketing Funnel in your Business.

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Have you ever heard of a Funnel?

No I don’t mean a device to pour liquids from a large container to a smaller one.

I am talking about marketing funnels, these are essential to moving your customers towards purchasing your products or services. Have you got a funnel already in place in your business? Barry Allaway will show you some new techniques to help you improve it. If you have no idea what a funnel is or do not have one in place, Barry will take you through exactly what is needed to have a funnel in your business.

Check out Barry’s site at http://www.yourbusinesslottery.co.uk/

Having a funnel is great, but you need traffic for your Funnel check out the best ways to get traffic from Facebook here.


Part of a good funnel is a squeeze page, Dan Harrison did an awesome webinar last week on how to produce a squeeze page.

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Grab the replay here now http://rocketmarketinghub.com/how_to_grow_your_database_with_squeeze_pages/

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