Wow, thank you so much for visiting Rocket Marketing Hub. The Master Plans, Webinars, Checklists and everything else contained in this site have come from my 10 years as a Digital Marketing expert.

From: James Nicholson,
Founder and Managing Director of
Date: 1st February 2015

I am so confident you will find the systems and processes inside Rocket Marketing Hub useful, I am willing to let you try them HALF PRICE £29 for 30 days.

After that it will only cost you £59 per month – That’s the “bad news” out the way!

The good news is……..

For the tiny investment I am asking you to make, I am 100% confident your business will look back on this as the best investment you have ever made.

I have put together the best marketing experts around the world to share with you their best kept secrets. Its like having the keys to the safe storing the top marketing secrets all in one place.

The crazy thing is I am giving you access to all of this.

Everything is included in your Rocket Marketing Hub membership….

(Plus a whole heap more)

Are you just getting by?

So my question for you is are you making as much money as you could be? Is your business the most successful in your industry? Do you have enough money that you could stop working right now?

Do you even know what marketing is working in your business and what is not?

Is all your business from word of mouth?

Look I am not asking these questions to put you down, if you answered yes to any of the above you’€™r not alone. The fact is 90% of Business owners are just getting by. Kidding themselves that things will change with time.

Do you have a clear plan to grow your business?

I thought not, look do not worry as I have the solution for you here.

If you are just getting by, seriously do not worry for most of my career I was also just getting by. Then I decided to not just focus on my clients marketing but on my own. So I could have customers on tap when I needed them like clockwork.

What I realised was that having 1 or 2 ways of getting customers simply was not a safe position to be in. What if one of those methods stopped working, then my business would have been in a difficult position.

Think about it for a minute, how many different ways do you have of getting customers?

If its only 1 or 2, don’€™t worry once you start using Rocket Marketing Hub you will quickly add to those methods. Your goal should be to have around 20 methods of getting customers, so in the future if one method drys up there is no real impact on your business.

I looked at the market to see what support there was for business owners looking to get more customers. There simply was nothing that gave you a comprehensive step by step system to get as many customers as you could handle. That was the reason I set up Rocket Marketing Hub to empower business owners like you to grow their companies.

I have worked in Digital Marketing for over 10 years and you may have seen me at some of the following exhibitions.

I have spend 10’€™s of thousands of pounds on the best marketing courses around the world. Travelled 10’€™s of thousands of miles to attend the best seminars and network with the best marketeers in the world.

I have hand selected the best experts to bring you their strategies so you can implement them into your business.

I will be sharing with you the top techniques my team use in my Digital Marketing Agency. The secrets we use daily to bring red hot leads into our clients.

We have documented everything we do on a daily basis and put it in step by step guides that are easy for you to follow. We know you are not a marketing expert, and for that reason everything is in plain English and easy to move through at a pace that suits you. We have hours and hours of video on Rocket Marketing Hub, we know seeing what we are doing is going to be the best way for you to learn.

So we are going to give you:

The systems, checklists, reports, cheat sheets and much more. Everything you need to grow your business online.

Now to be really clear here, I am NOT guaranteeing your business is going to double in size. I cannot say you will triple your profits by using our systems. I am giving you what is working for millions of business owners around the world. I will give you the methods that will help you to achieve success.

However you need to implement these strategies into your business. You need to test them and adapt things to fit your customers wants and needs.

If you are ambitious and looking to grow your business this year then Rocket Marketing Hub is perfect for you.

I have spent over £1,000,000 ($1,500,000) advertising online, I have made hundreds if not thousands of mistakes. I have tested thousands of advert variations until I have discovered what works. The good news is you now do not need to make the same mistakes I did, our guides will teach you the best most effective way to do get results quickly.

I work with hundreds of business owners via my digital marketing agency, some of the largest companies in the UK trust my business to do their marketing.

I say this not to impress you or to brag, but to impress upon you we really know what is working right now.

My hand picked experts are the best in their fields, all are highly successful business owners themselves the CREAM OF THE CROP, so to speak. I have had to beg, no, plead on my hands and knees to get them to share their inside secrets.

The information they share is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. They will give you Golden Nuggets that you can implement into your business to make a real difference.

The information inside Rocket Marketing Hub is not only designed to increase your sales but increase your conversions. We want to help you get customers cheaper thus improving your bottom line profits. The secret ingredients contained inside Rocket Marketing Hub will help you dramatically increase your efficiency in getting customers, keeping customers and improve your profit margins.

We are not holding anything back here, we are giving you all our ammo so you can shoot down your competitors.

My staff think I am crazy giving this away so cheaply, and when I said I was going to offer a £29 trial they almost called the guys in white coats.

Comments like:

‘€œWhy are you giving this stuff away James, you have spent over £100,000 learning these secrets’€

‘€œWhat about the years you have taken to learn this and you are giving it away for £29’€

Maybe I am crazy, but I am certain you will find massive value here. Things you can quickly implement into your business that I know you will stay around for the long haul. As you learn one area we will continue to add more juicy content for you to get your teeth into. You will become a marketing expert in your business and your profits while go up.

We have things laid out in Master Plans here are some examples of what you can find inside Rocket Marketing Hub.

Google Adwords – How to be an expert, use Google adwords to grow your business

Facebook Advertising – The power of Facebook is unreal, lots of businesses find it their number one method of getting customers.

SEO – How to get Free traffic on tap, how to avoid Google penalties and rank your site within their guidelines.

Linkedin – Use Linked in to be seen as the go to person in your industry. How you can use Linked in advertising to target the exact customer you are looking for.

Twitter – How to use Twitter to effectively bring in hot leads to your business.

Plus many more

These plans are set up to give you step by step guides to follow and implement a successful profitable campaign in your business.

We also have plans to set up landing pages, get blog subscribers and more. Plus our webinars cover a wide variety of topics including.


Call tracking numbers


Scratch cards (Yes they really can get you more customers)

Newsletters (Posting stuff really works)


Facebook advertising

Why you need online reviews

Why you should be using Twitter

The top 10 strategies to grow your business.

In a nut shell we are going to teach you

How to get traffic


How to convert traffic

By joining today you have access to all of this and much more, content is added all the time to the hub.

The webinars alone would cost you £1000’€™s a year to attend similar seminars up and down the country. That’s without the travel costs, hotels, time out the business. With Rocket Marketing Hub, you can see these business experts from the comfort of your own home. You can see what is working at a time that suits you.

I am giving you it all

The Master Plans

Expert webinars


Rocket TV

You can currently trial Rocket Marketing Hub for just £29 for 30 days. After that is only £59 a month with NO Contract, you can cancel anytime you like.

That’s right

Your investment today is only £29

I am slightly crazy, but I am NOT stupid.

I know you will find this stuff super valuable to your business. So much so when you start implementing it and seeing success you will keep coming back for more and more.

You GET EVERYTHING for £29 for a Full 30 days.

That’s right

Your investment today is only £29

After that its only £59 a month with NO Contract.

I am not getting rich here, but I know you will find this content valuable and use my future products to grow your business even further.

I hope you choose to stay with us after your trial.

If you do that great. If not just cancel before the 30 days and you will get no further charges.

Its a paltry sum when you consider how much extra money your business could make using these systems.

So click the add to cart button below and lets start…

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