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10 Instagram Marketing Tips Your Business Must Use

Instagram Marketing Tips Your Business Must Use

Instagram may be one of the social media platforms that many businesses overlook, but it is a great way to draw attention to your company and engage with your audience. If you are looking to make more from your Instagram account, there are some Instagram marketing tips you have to use.

#1 Add hashtags after you post

Hashtags are crucial in being found by users on social media platforms and Instagram is no different. If you have posted your image but have forgotten to add a hashtag, don’t worry, you can add hashtags to your comments. Whenever someone searches for that hashtag, your image will still appear.

#2 Know your timing

If you want to make an impact on Instagram, knowing the best time to post is crucial. Various studies indicate that posting between 9pm and 8am is the optimum time to reach out to people. This makes sense because this is when most people will be online or free to use social media. If you are a business, it can be of benefit allowing someone to take control of your account to post at these times.

#3 Don’t just use your images on Instagram

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We all know that because of the filters and the fact that we want to create the best possible image and identity of ourselves, the pictures we use on Instagram are often the most flattering. This means you should look to share these on other social media platforms. You can do this at the time, by opting to share on Twitter or on Facebook but you can also do this at a later date.

#4 If a photo is unflattering you can remove the tag

If you don’t like a picture of yourself or you feel that it doesn’t present the best image for you or your company, de-tag yourself from it. This is a simple process and all you have to do is navigate to the photo, tap your name, click on the “more options” section and then choose to “remove me from photo”. This way, you can present the best image of yourself to others.

#5 Use the filters even when you don’t post to Instagram

If you love a filter and want to use it on an image that you don’t want to post on Instagram, there is a simple way to do so. You should put your phone in airplane mode and then upload the image as normal. You’ll find that this saves your image to your phone as opposed to posting it on Instagram.

#6 Don’t be bamboozled by the different filters

As there are so many different filters to choose from, you may find that it is difficult to know which one is best. Obviously every picture is different, and personal taste will always count for a lot but studies indicate that the Mayfair filter produces the highest level of engagement. If you want to make an impact, choose the filter that has been proven to stand out.

#7 Pick up new followers

This is a trick that probably a lot of people have discovered, but Neil Patel is well known for honing it and spreading awareness of it. Neil discovered that for every 100 photos that he liked randomly, he found that he picked up an average of 21.7 likes and an average of 6.1 new followers. This may not lead to the best standard of followers that have an interest in what you do, but if you are keen to boost numbers, this is a sensible tactic.

#8 Keep it clean

It is best to avoid all offensive comments and content on Instagram. If you have made a comment that you regret, go to the comment and click “Comment”, which will allow you access to the comments screen. You should then swipe left on the comment, which will produce a garbage can, and then you should tap on the can and then select “Done”. This will remove your comment.

#9 Use the power of hashtags

Hashtags can help you gain new followers and when it comes to increasing your following count, here are some of the most popular hashtags to add to your posts:

  • #followback
  • #instafollow
  • #followher
  • #followhim
  • #followall

#10 Utilise Geotagging

If you are a local-business or you want to reach out to people in a certain area, geo-tagging is of great benefit. If you don’t have geo-tagging on when you upload your image, don’t worry, it can be added later. All you need to do is click on the 3 dot icon underneath the image, select “Edit” and then “add location” and you can reap the rewards of geo-tagging.

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