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How To Rank On The First Page Of Google Using Videos

how to rank video on google

How To Rank Videos On Google

If only there was an easier way of ranking on the first page of Google without having to do all the hard work and effort that is associated with SEO. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can achieve more with less work and a lot of this is down to the fact that Google is paying more attention to blended results. This provides businesses and users with an improved chance of reaching the first page of Google with the use of video content.

Research has shown that it is 50 times more likely for video content to reach the first page of the search engines, and this is down to the blended results.  In one way, this is bad news as it reduces the opportunities for web pages to rank on the first page but it does offer you an opportunity to jump the queue and go to the front page through the use of video content.

However, it is important to be aware that it is not just a simple process of creating videos, editing videos and then uploading video content as you sit back and wait for the search engine rankings to come your way. There are a number of steps that you need to take and the rest of this guide follows the steps that you need to rank on the first page of Google with video content.

Step 1: Your videos need to be uploaded directly to YouTube

If you upload your video to YouTube, you know that Google will index it and this improves your chances of ranking your video. Of course, this means that traffic is being driven towards your video on YouTube, as opposed to driving traffic to your site or business directly, but this is where the additional steps will help you to reap the rewards and benefits of video content.

Uploading video content to YouTube is an important step in creating a SEO strategy, but it is just the first step of many steps.

Step 2: Make sure the video is embedded on to your site

What you have to do is embed the video on your site just like Rocket Marketing Hub:

Embed Video

Google cares about the number of times that your video has been watched on YouTube. When you embed the YouTube video on your site, any views on your site count towards the overall count on the YouTube video, which means that this number will rise, which could help your video to receive a higher ranking.

YouTube Views

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Step 3: Have text on the page where you embed videos

You want to give Google as much information about your video content as possible, and this means that the page where you embed your video should have related content and keyword phrases on it. This will help Google to understand what the content is all about, allowing it to rank it more effectively for relevant keyword terms.

Video Transcript

You may find that including the transcript from the video will be of benefit, and you can obtain the transcript from your content through the use of services like Speechpad, if you don’t already have the transcript. Given that you should be looking to include the transcript on YouTube, it makes sense to obtain this.

Step 4: Set up a video sitemap

It is not video content that will allow you to get indexed. Google pays attention to a range of formats including screen capture, slide shows and animated Power Point presentations which all count as video content. Google will look to see what your video content is about and this is where video SEO and a video sitemap can make a difference.

Here is an example:
Video Sitemap

By using the Google Webmaster Tools, you can submit a Video Sitemap to Google, which will provide Google with information about your video content, allowing them to rank your video content, no matter the format.

Step 5: Utilise long-tail keywords

The title of your video is crucial as this is what Google focuses on what it comes to placing your video for relevant searches. You should be looking to ensure that the video title and title match the search term that people use to find content like yours. In the same way that SEO works, you should find it easier to rank videos with respect to long-tail keywords so make sure you focus on these phrases as opposed to generic and short tail keywords.

Long Tail Keyword Titles

After you have determined what keywords you need to rank video, ensure that your video title and description match the keyword.

Step 6: Create your very own YouTube channel

This is an important step and you should look to create a channel name that is linked to your industry or area. You may even want to place a keyword in your channel name. There is also a character limit to consider when it comes to channel names, with the limit being around 30. This means that you may be limited in what you can call your channel but play around with ideas and try to come up with something that will instantly connect your business and audience.

Find out how to do this with a video from Derral Evans:

You will find that you can obtain your keywords quickly by uploading the transcript to YouTube, which is a simple process, and which can be accessed under the Captions and Subtitles tab. This is an important step because all of the keywords should already be in the transcript and this will ensure that Google indexes you for this content. Make sure that your keyword is in your title, keyword tag and the description, and you should now start building links to your video content.

Step 7: Have backlinks pointing to your video

This is a step where some people outsource and pay people on sites like Fiverr or Fivesquid to create backlinks for them. This will save you time, but it costs money and the benefits aren’t that great. This is because you find that the backlinks are of a poor standard, which lessens their impact. It is also best to wary about buying in backlinks or paying for services of this nature, so it makes sense to carry out this work yourself.

Taking the time to create backlinks from decent sources and with a range of related keyword phrases will pay off in the long run, so take the time and effort to do it by yourself.


Given that everyone is looking to rank as highly as possible on Google as they can, it makes sense to opt for a method that has offered good results and which many people are not currently using. It is easier to rank a YouTube video on page 1 than to rank a website, so go for this option.

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