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How To Get More Referals In Your Business Robin Adams And James Nicholson

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In the latest episode of the Rocket Cast, James Nicholson is looking for insight on Referrals – so he brings in Robin Adams, a ‘Marketing Engineer’ and authority in his own right. He runs a business called ‘PerfectBlend’ that aids businesses in keeping the implementing of tech uncomplicated.

James and Robin talk about how they go about gathering themselves and their clients business referrals, lucrative opportunities and a healthy network you can call upon as a valuable customer base.

Referrals are pivotal to building out your network and client-base and ensuring your business goes to the next level in its growth – whether they come to you or you seek it them out.

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In this RocketCast Episode:

  • Robin and James mull over the ins-and-outs Where and How you can be Guaranteed Business Referrals by using the best means, online or in-person.
  • What the Most Effective & Focused methods for gathering good Referrals and Forging Lasting Business Relationships.
  • They outline the process of Automating, Correlating and Following-up your Referrals.
  • and much more!

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Transcribed Version:

Welcome to the Rocket Cast – It’s time to Blast your Sales into Orbit! Hold Tight! Here is your host – James Nicholson!


James Nicholson: Hey, it’s James Nicholson and I’m really excited to have my good friend Robin Adams with us today! Robin and I have known each other for a few years now and he’s one of the guys I go to if I have questions on marketing and stuff like that because he really knows his stuff and it’s really great to have people in your network like Robin, so – thanks for joining us today Robin!

Robin Adams: No Problem – glad to be here!

JN: Good! So, for those who don’t know you or may not know you already – I know you’re quite familiar with a lot of people in certain entrepreneurial groups and stuff like that  – who are you and what do you do?

RA: Cool – Hi everybody – I’m Robin and I call myself a ‘Marketing Engineer’ – it’s one of those brand marketing phrases I tact-on to separate me from the herd – and my background is marketing and I’ve been in marketing pretty much my entire life with big businesses, small businesses; I’ve spent some years in sales, nation-wide accounts so I’ve got lots of experience in that – but I’m also a bit of geek, to be quite frank *laugh*.

I like playing around with computers and playing around with systems – so why I call myself a ‘Marketing Engineer’, the whole idea of that is the combination of the marketing and the technology – and I’m very much focused on how you can use technology to make marketing simpler and not more complicated, which seems to be the challenge that a lot of people face when using technology in their business.

People I tend to work with tend to be slightly smaller, so obviously a lot of your people are listening to this are familiar with tools like InfusionSoft, and whatever. I tend to work with people just underneath that level, using MailChimp – so I’m a MailChimp expert; I’ve been using that system for 5-years – and I’m always completely surprised at how little people think that MailChimp can do, when in-actual-fact it’s a really powerful system.

So I use that, I build landing pages and I handle automations for people – our business is called ‘PerfectBlend’ and the idea is that you’ve got marketing and technology – find the right mixture of those it can really help your marketing, so obviously something a lot of people listening to this would be quite used to.

JN: Yeah, and when you’re saying you’re working with MailChimp as opposed to InfusionSoft, it can be a lot cheaper, like the systems that you build and easier for them to understand.

RA: Exactly.

JN: I am a big fan of InfusionSoft – but it’s bloody complicated – even for me it’s bloody complicated! I’ve had times where I’ve built stuff that run my business Rocket Marketing Hub; like systems and stuff like that and they’ve taken me 2-weeks – 2-solid-weeks of not doing anything else just to build these systems and that’s not needed for most people.

RA: Here’s the thing – and don’t get me wrong – InfusionSoft is good for the right business and I remember someone telling me, to get the most of InfusionSoft you need to have one person in your business needs to spend 1-day a week, building the system and making the most of it because of the investment you need to do in the ongoing maintenance. I think, as you say, for a lot of businesses out there that’s too much – they don’t have the resources, they don’t have money; they don’t have time and they don’t have the mind-set or the inclination to really dive into that and make the most of it.

JN: Yeah.

RA: The fact is that, yes, there are other tools out there – cheaper tools such as ActiveCampaign and there are lots of email marketing tools like A-Webber or whatever. The fact is, when you drill into most of those systems they are actually very powerful in their own right. I mean MailChimp the most well-known and I’m guessing it’s the market leader in that initial e-mail marketing/marketing automation type-of marketplace – and you don’t get to be market leader in that sector without having a pretty good idea of what you’re and having some pretty good automation stuff in there.

Yes, it may be a little bit clunky at times and not as good as the stuff you’ve got in InfusionSoft and certainly not as slick, when people say ‘oh you need InfusionSoft’ – I reckon you could probably get 80-90% of the automation that you could get in InfusionSoft – certainly in the e-mail marketing side of that – you can do that with MailChimp, which is why it frustrates me when people say ‘oh you can’t do that’ with MailChimp. So with that, yeah, I agree completely.

JN: What I think on MailChimp – obviously we’re going through referrals today – but I what I think on it is, that it’s good for just getting stuff done. For example, I’m just about to go off to San Diego next week for an event, and last time when I went there I went to see my auntie and uncle (because I usually stay with them in Los Angeles when I visit) and my uncle is ‘Photographer of the Year’ in California at the moment.

But he’s still not inundated with business although he’s got these awards for the quality of his photos, so when I was there I set MailChimp up and got a mail-shot out in half-an-hour, and that was important – I think a lot of businesses could just get started and could just get launched with something like MailChimp, so that’s why it was good.

RA: Very interesting you saying that because I think I’ve spoken to 2-or-3 businesses in the last couple of months who’ve got InfusionSoft but keep MailChimp going as well, because they know that if they want to do the ‘quick-and-dirty’ thing it’s actually a lot easier to set it up and bang it out in MailChimp so I’m not ruling out that there’s a possibility position for businesses to use both tools, but we’re not really here to only talk about this, are we?! *laugh*

JN: No, no – Exactly. So we’re talking about Referrals today. I know whenever we’re pitching for business, in my digital agency at least – in my agency we work glazers and estate agents – a lot of them just tell us they get a lot of their business from referrals, which is great – but I don’t think referrals come as easily for everybody as that.


“What made you get interested in the Referral business and industry in the first place?


AD: Well I’ve been working for myself for coming up to 5 years now, and when I started out, one of my mentors at the time suggested that I go business networking – that it would probably be a good fit for my personality and the way I approached things.

I went on a load business networking and have been, since I started, I’ve been religiously going to business networking events, building relationships with people and playing the word-of-mouth and referral with those people. So, it was something I got quite used but now that I’m moving more to online, social media for building etc, in the arena that I’m playing in – I’m starting to take the lessons that I’ve learnt in those face-to-face networking environments and actually, you know, working in and seeing how I can fit those in whilst taking advantage of the tools and technology out there – and the specific instance that really peaked my interest and made think ‘there has to be a better way of doing this’, was that I was recently asked by someone to give a referral.

This was at a networking meeting and I said ‘Yeah, that’s great – remind me when I get home’. When I got home, they didn’t send anything and I didn’t get anything through from them for a while (they’d obviously forgotten). Then next time I saw them, I said ‘you said you were supposed to refer me someone, weren’t you – I said yeah, and you were supposed to email me’. Then I got them to email me, but then that email got disappeared into a whole list of other bits-and-pieces I was meant to do (because obviously life and business gets in the way) and it ended up that I never actually got around to making the referral, the reason being, although this person could have been a very good person to lead in.

It’s just I kept forgetting about it – life got in the way; business got in the way. I was thinking ‘you know what-‘, and eventually I gave him the contact and they started having the conversation but it was really difficult for me. It may seem like a really simple thing, but when you’re not thinking about it – yeah, there’s so many things you know that you should be doing, but we get side-tracked; we get dragged into other bits-and-pieces and as a consequence, you know, taking the time and – let’s be honest I’m doing a favour when I’m giving someone an referral – taking the time to sit down, write them an email, send the email to them to review the bits and pieces and then act as the introducer – that’s effort on my part.

Yes, in my heart-of-hearts, I’d like to be a good person and that I’d like to do this all the time but there’s gonna be a point where I go ‘actually you know what? That may not actually be helping me and I need to spend time and effort, working on other bits and pieces’ and it often gets lost. When it comes to referrals a lot of people fall into that category – the fact is, we all know people that someone could potentially benefit from having a chat with. But the reason we don’t do anything about it is because, it’s not as important to us and other things get out of the way.

JN: And also, like in your experience there – if the person keeps asking for the referral, the relationship can get strained.

RA: Absolutely, it’s like ‘you said you were going to do something’ and I felt bad because I kept forgetting, but he felt bad because he felt like he had to hassle me because I said I had someone who he could work with and subtly it did put a negative tint on the relationship because of that pressure as, it were, and – my view on Marketing is very simple; I’ve got 2 kinda-like ‘tenet’s that I use with all of my customers and say;

Marketing is a process – the first thing you need to have is a clear understanding of what happens next. Every time you do something there needs to be a consequence and something else that happens afterwards. Otherwise what’s the point in doing it?

Secondly, how can you make what happens next more likely to happen? That focus is – what happens next with the referral (you ask for the referral and you get it) how can you make it more likely – make it ‘easier’ to give that referral. The fact is – that we both know – referrals are the No.1 way that most businesses grow their businesses and they’re great for so many reasons.

JN: Yeah, so you need to make it more automated, really, that’s a good way to do it.


‘What would you see as the main reasons businesses aren’t getting referrals?


RA: I think the No.1 Reasons – I don’t want to call it arrogance or over-confidence, but obviously being good and being the best at what you do and meeting peoples requirements – dazzling and wowing them, as they say – all of those things are going to get you referred. I was chatting to Neil Humphreys who is in the group, we’re were asking questions and he turned around said;


‘What’s the difference between being referable and generating referrals?’


What Neil was saying is that there is a difference between being referable and having a referral strategy – and I think a lot of businesses really focus on being referable in terms of meeting and surpassing customer expectations of doing the best job they can do – because they know by doing that they can generate referrals.

The problem with that is that isn’t a Referral Strategy – that’s just the consequence of doing a good job.

JN: Yeah.

RA: As a consequence, they don’t like to ask for referrals – the typical British thing of being a-bit brash, and wanting to ask ‘hey, we’re brilliant – can you tell someone about us’ – certainly for a number of UK Entrepreneurs they may not want to be that kind of person; they may be worried people might turn around and say ‘no, I don’t want to do it’.

The other thing, as well, and it’s something we all suffer from at the moment is the whole ‘Shiny Syndrome’.

The ‘Oh, I’m gonna do this, do that – oh, Pay-per-Click, do that, Facebook, do that!’ and suddenly you’ve got all these things that are engaging and interesting – they’re new stuff you can learn – and at times because we’re so focused on that new stuff and wanting to learn new stuff, that we forget the fact that referrals are really important and if we actually approached them in a specific way and actually having a specific plan on how you’re going to generate referrals – that’s probably just as powerful but it’s just not as fun or interesting as the other stuff out there.

JN: Exactly – let’s jump into these other questions we’ve got – we’ve covered that one from Neil there but we have a few other questions as well. We’ve got Mark Lloyd in the group, and Mark owns a designer jewellery shop, and from what I aware of, he does bespoke jewellery and stuff like that.

RA: Okay, cool.

JN: Mark says when he started out, he used to ask all his friends and family for referrals and recommendations – now he doesn’t really have a referral strategy but he knows that he does get referrals because people come in and say they were referred by so-and-so etc, but now that’s not good enough and he wants to get more. He’s got a physical store, so;


“Any ideas on how Mark can run a referral scheme for his business?


RA: One of the things – when I was reading through what Mark was talking about – he was saying that, at the moment he doesn’t need a referral strategy, because he’s already generating a massive amount of business through referrals. Now if you actually know what Mark does – I’ve actually had a number of conversations with Mark about his background, about MailChimp and other bits-and-pieces – what he does is Wedding and Engagement Rings, that’s his core business.

Now obviously unless you’re of a particular kind of person, you’re only going to be buying one wedding ring, which, therefore means his ability to be getting repeat business from those people is going to be slightly harder. But because wedding rings are those kind of things people are like ‘oh, let me get a look at your wedding ring’ or whatever – because it’s visual and in peoples minds – you’re always going to get ‘oh that’s fantastic – who did you get it from?’

So because of the nature of Marks business he is going to be generating an awful lot of referrals. But, in terms of the communication – again it’s the thing I was chatting to Laura Moxum about who had a question on a similar type of thing – and it’s that difference between being referable and having a referral strategy.

Mark, Laura, You, me – you know; a lot of businesses really pride themselves on providing a fantastic level of service which makes us referable and increases the chances that someone is going to refer us. However, that does not mean that we can’t grease the wheels of the process as it were and make it more likely to happen. Simple things like just getting over yourself if you’re embarrassed asking them, by actual saying ‘if you do know anyone that could be interested in my services, that would be great’ and also – and this is something I learnt from networking and this is really really important – have a very very clear understanding of who you want to be introduced-or-referred to.

That’s key – it’s something I used to talk about a lot when I used to do presentations. Don’t ask for anyone, because no-one knows ‘anyone’, they know ‘someone’ – and the more clear and specific you target market is or who you want to work with – the more likely someone is to going to know or remember that person or even spot them when they’re out and about in their general business and go ‘Actually, I remember that – someone said this’ and, for example,I know you’re interested in working with estate agents and that’s one of the markets that you work with.

Because I know that, and you’ve been very clear that’s who you work with – when I’m out-and-about, if I meet an estate agent, immediately because I know you’re interested in them, my brain is going to go ‘Estate Agent – oh! James is interested in them’ and therefore I’m much more likely to make those referrals.

JN: Exactly.

RA: I know you do a variety of services; I offer a variety of services for different people – and if you’re specific and clear and you express that to the person you’re speaking to and you want to make you referrals; that’s actually going to make them more aware of that target market and when they do run into them, they won’t need to remember.

I remember Laura giving a referral for me, to someone that she met – the reason she did that because I was very clear that I work with MailChimp and someone goes ‘oh, MailChimp’ and as soon as that person has said to Laura do you know anyone who works of MailChimp or anyone who knows anyone who works with MailChimp – because I bang on about MailChimp quite a lot – Laura can be like ‘oh yeah – I do know someone who works with it’.

Now if I had been embarrassed and not said anything, there’s a possibility Laura may not have made that connection and of a consequence introduced me, so certainly whether you’re networking – you’re online with a social environment on Social Media or whatever or even doing the traditional, old fashioned face-to-face networking – having a clear understanding of who you’re target market is, people who refer you will be aware of that target market and can actually increase the number of referrals they are likely to send to you.

JN: So people like Mark, for example, he could make that clear on invoices and such – I doubt you’re just getting a till receipt for a piece of designer jewellery; I imagine you get some kind of paperwork with it.

RA: That’s the type of thing that certainly is in those conversations – and because of what Mark does because of what he does, making bespoke  jewellery – he’s going to have those kind of conversations he can ask ‘do you know anyone else whose getting married?’ or ‘who might be interested in …’ or something like that.

Now it may be, because of what he does, he already gets those already but it doesn’t hurt to ask those questions, and it’s really interesting for making some research about when is the best time to ask for a referral. The best time to ask for that referral is the point where they’ve just paid the money – because by saying ‘do you know anyone …’, it catches them when their feeling positive about you’re business and it’s almost like ‘I want to tell the world how great your business is’ and by telling the world, it reinforces the amount of money I’ve paid you in the first place – so when someone receives the bill or the actual product, whatever – whether it’s wedding rings, pay-per-click services, whatever – at that point, actually saying ‘do you know anyone else …’ that’s the point where they’re more likely to mention or will go ‘yes, I do know someone …’ because it justifies the fact that they’ve paid you a load of money in the first place.

JN: Great, sounds good! I think we’ve actually covered most of the questions there. You’ve launched a new product – we’ve been testing it here at Rocket Marketing Hub for the a few months; we’re one of the beta testers and it’s working well for us – but do you want to tell people about you’re product and what it does?

RA: Well it combines these two things – it comes the new joy of technology (that I have), but also the idea of making things easy. It stimulated by the situation I talked about a little while back about not being able to make that referral because it wasn’t ‘easy’ for me, and I was thinking there’s gotta be a easier way of doing this, and then because I knew how the technology works and had the ability to create simple, variable web pages and things like that.

So I started playing around with it and realised that I could set-up a very easy system whereby a business could, essentially, get a clickable link – that they could put absolutely anywhere; an email signature, they could it in social media, put it on their website or at the bottom of invoices, whatever – and when people visited that web page it would say, for instance ‘Rocket Marketing Hub really would value if you knew anyone who you could refer to us’ and having a form there and the person who is making that referral would put their details into the form and the details of person in who is being referred in, and they then click submit.

What then happens is that no-one signed up to any mailing lists, and that’s really really important because – from a data-protection point-of-view – the person who is being referred; they don’t know you or me or anyone – so they haven’t signed up to anything, so they can’t be signed up to a list. So essentially what happens next is three automated emails get sent. One gets sent to the business, saying ‘you’ve got a new referral; contact this person’; one email gets automatically sent to the person making the person making the referral, essentially saying for making the referral and the third email is sent to the person being referred, saying ‘someone reckons you should have a conversation with this business and they’l be in-touch’.

Now no-other emails are added or sent; no-one is added to any mailing list – but the idea then is that it makes it very easy for businesses to generate referrals. Now I’m not sitting here saying it’s going to revolutionise things – it’s not a massively revolutionary system; it’s very very very cheap in the terms of pricing and very cost-effective for businesses – but it takes one of those pains away, and means that when you do it, the step on from that is that moving from ‘passive’ referrals and go-on to ‘active’ referrals – and if their using email marketing or social media, they can actually run referral campaigns. Actually saying to people; ‘we want to grow our business – you’ve been a valued customer of ours – do you know of anyone that could benefit from having a conversation with us? Click on the link here, fill in their details and we’ll be in-touch.’

JN: How much do you charge them at the moment – how much does it cost them?

RA: I set it at a level where it costs £7-a-month. It’s almost like you’re renting this link – this system – you get the link, you put it on your web-page – it’s a template system so the text is going to be the same for all businesses but it is personalised, so we do put your logo on, we do put colour-scheme matching your web site and we change some of the text on it to reflect it’s your business. The idea is that it’s a ‘plug-and-play’.

JN: When people are looking at this – I posted on a couple of forums about this after I’ve been testing it, and you said it was going out to launch – and I had a few InfusionSoft people going ‘why would I need this because InfusionSoft can do all this’ but the point is, yes, InfusionSoft can do this but you haven’t done it in InfusionSoft – you haven’t done it, and this is a tick-off your list.

It’s going to cost you way more – it’s barely a £100 a year and you’re not paying that in one-chunk, you’re paying £7-a-month – so for that you’ve ticked-off something to be done. You’ve got you’re landing page built, you’ve got all the auto-responders in place and, yes, you could do this with other systems but you haven’t done it, and it’d be great if there was – like I know you’ve got lots of exciting things coming out in the future to have like a suite of things – like 10-20 different things that you could tick off and say ‘this is done in the business, and this is implemented’ and I know a lot of business owners – particularly in the group and all business groups I’m involved in – always say they don’t implement things and they get excited by shiny objects but you’ve taken that away because you’re given the £7, you’ve set-up the landing page, you’ve put their logo on – they don’t have to do anything, all they have to is put the web link on their invoices, on their emails, on their website – wherever they want it because it can go anywhere – businesses cards is another good place to put this; it can go out on text messages; it can go out everywhere – and that’s the thing here.

So, someone like Mark Lloyd could use this system and put this on the bottom of his invoices and all paperwork, and Laura Moxem could put it on her invoices as well. Then, him and Laura, don’t have to go out and ask for referrals; it’s made really clear that they want referrals and it’s on their paperwork, and they’ll come through.

People don’t ‘just’ refer you. I think the businesses that get referred to and boasted about a lot are restaurants and the like, because you are showing-off a bit when you’re doing the referral – ‘oh, I went to this great restaurant’ – but service industries – I’m not about to go around and say ‘oh yeah I used this really good adwords agency’ to all my business mates constantly, because it’s a bit of weird thing to just talk about constantly.

RA: And that’s the thing, it really falls back to the 2 questions. A number of people said ‘Why do I need this system?’ Because you’re not doing it at the moment. If you’re doing it – if you had a link at the bottom – and you’re were making it easier to generate referrals then fine, but I’ve yet to find any business that is actually really doing that. As a consequence, it’s like for the cost of 70 quid a year for the annual subscription price – in most businesses, if you just get 1 referral for using that system you ‘weren’t’ going to get, it more than pays for the cost of it. The idea is just to make it easy.

Is Laura getting referrals? Yes, she probably is – there’s people that ask ‘actually do you know anyone who works in Pay-per-Click’ and the response is ‘Oh yeah, I know Laura (and assume you know Steve from Steve Perring from Clickzone’ and that’s the other business).

JN: Yeah.

RA: They may be getting those already – what I’m doing with this system is basically making it more likely to happen, making it easier so, when an email goes out to a customer saying ‘here’s you’re bill for the month’ and it says from the bottom ‘and if you do know anyone that can benefit from speaking to us’ and it’s made clear the type of business they want to speak with. For example, if Laura with Dentists – ‘do you know a dentist? Click this link and put their details in!’

Because that’s specific, someone will go ‘Well, I really do like what Laura is doing, and she’s been specific in asking for dentists – so I’m going to my local dentists’ details in’ and suddenly she’s got a referral. The reason being, is that’s been made easy. I think nowadays where we’ve got a million-and-one things we should be doing; we’re all spending our lives on Facebook and Twitter etc – actually remembering to do it and the easier you make it someone to do it, the more likely it is to happen and that’s the whole idea behind this, and behind some of the other bits-and-pieces I’m now developing – how can we make it easier for what should happen to actually happen – and that’s where this idea of having a strategy as opposed to just, fingers crossed and just thinking ‘I’m doing a good job and that’s making me referable’ – that’s where the difference is.

JN: Yeah, absolutely and there’s no-one that can’t afford this – and if you can’t afford £7 in your business then your business is in trouble anyway – so, cool, you’ve kindly put together a guide for people who are watching this – tell us a little bit about it and where we can find it?

RA: It’s just something I’ve set-up – we all work in internet marketing and we understand the importance being out and delivering value and some bits-and-pieces so, I’ve just written a quick guide which basically talks through why referrals are important, and we have even talked about one-or-two things like a referral customer is going to earn you more, is easier to get hold of and you’ll spend less, and are more likely to refer other people – so referral customers are the best kind of customer you can have for your business.

So it covers that, it covers some of the reasons why businesses aren’t great at them. It’ll then look at some of the reasons why people don’t refer, but the real actionable stuff is basically 10-points, at the end, that any business can implement straight-away, right-now that are going to generate more referrals for their business. it’s at – in tribute to yourself *laugh* – and if they click they can download this report, and obviously once they’ve done that they can go and have a look at the actual system – there’s a complete demo set-up, so if you go visit the demo page you can actually run-through the entire system and see how it works. You can put your email addresses in and see what the emails have generated – it’s almost full transparency; you’ll exactly what you’ll get and obviously once you’ll sign up to that there’ll be a number of emails coming out that will help you make the most of that – so we’re not just giving you the tools we’re giving you some ideas on how you can make the most of those tools.

JN: This makes sense – anyone that’s watching this thinking of not doing this is crazy; you’re just not going to do this. Whether you think you’re a InfusionSoft genius – I mean I’m advanced with InfusionSoft and I just got campaigns that are written for referrals and it was never going to get written so it was so handy when Robin just gave me the link *laugh* and that’s all I wanted was a link; I plonk it in my emails, and I put it out after I’ve had a customer for a couple of months so they can be comfortable. I do have that automated with InfusionSoft – so I do have the automation element of it – but it’s just the case of it’s done, I’ve tick it off and I don’t have to worry about it ever again and I can focus on other things in my business.

Cool, well I think that’s it for today.

RA: Good stuff.

JN: I really appreciate you’re time – now, I’m going to be posting the links below this video so you guys don’t have to remember but the website is (for me), do check that so we’ll put the links below the video. You’ll have the opportunity to grab Robin’s guide – ‘The Power of Referrals’ – so make sure you all grab that.

I hope you guys keep Robin busy with Referral sites to set-up, and let us know how you get on with it – Robin would love feedback on it, and for 7 quid it’s great.

RA: I’m not arrogant enough to believe that I have all the answers, can answer all the questions and can cover ever challenges that they’ve got – but the more feedback I can get, the more I can tailor it and the more specific to people and give them what they need so, yes, the more feedback I can and if there’s any questions about MailChimp fire them across to me as well, don’t be stranger. The more interaction and more questions you fire; the better I can make the system and the more referrals your business will actually get.

JN: Perfect, alright well thanks for you time, Robin – really appreciate it – and it’s been really helpful and insightful, and look forward to spending some time with you again soon – cheers Robin, bye!

RA: No Problem – thanks guys! Bye!


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