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Google Now available to desktop users via Chrome

Google Now available to desktop users via Chrome

Google Now is a Personal Assistant feature which aims to act in a similar way and as a rival to Apple’s Siri. So far it has only been available on Android devices however now it will be accessible to desktop computer users when they add it on through their Chrome browser.

So far it hasn’t really succeeded in toppling Siri in terms of popularity however increasing its audience in this way may set to improve Google Now user figures.

In a blog that Google released they have laid out instructions to enabling the feature, which consists of visiting chrome://flags/#enable-google-now and selecting ‘Enabled’. This should automatically change the Chrome settings to include it.

The service that Google Now offers is essentially a personalised dashboard of practical information geared towards each unique user. It includes information such as local weather, flight information, traffic updates, sports results and more.

It is early days in this rollout however so it’s possible (likely, even) that users will experience some bugs and glitches, at least until Google have ironed all of these out. It’s been released on a Canary build of Chrome which is what Google use as an interim build until something is ready for a proper release to all users.

It’s another step that Google are taking in their aim to reduce the differences in software between themselves and other software providers. Other changes have include Google activated voice searches and touchless search. In addition to this Google Now update they are also planning on bringing Google Apps to desktop Chrome users.

There has been no official statement about this release as its still in beta stage, so it’s likely that Google will do so once they full roll it out.

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