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Gain More YouTube Views With Pinterest

get more youtube views with pinterest

If you are using YouTube, you should be looking to get as many views on your videos as possible. There are many ways to achieve this but did you know that you can utilise the power of Pinterest to increase awareness and attention in your YouTube videos? By combining YouTube and Pinterest, you can have a positive impact on your business and encourage more people to subscribe.

It is possible to add YouTube videos to Pinterest and this is a fantastic way for you to harness the power of both of these platforms. This is a very easy task to do and whether you do it yourself or you outsource it, you can see positive results in a very short period of time. The fact that viewers won’t need to exit Pinterest to watch a video is of considerable interest and benefit to many people.
Here are the 8 steps you need to take to be able to add Youtube videos to a Pinterest account.

1 – Download Google Chrome

It is possible to pin from any browser that you use but when you use Google Chrome, the Shareaholic for Pinterest plugin makes the process very easy. All you need to do is clock on the Pin button and the plugin will retrieve all of the relevant details from your YouTube channel.

If you haven’t downloaded Google Chrome yet, you can do so here:

Here’s the direct link to the free plugin: Google Chrome’s Shareaholic for Pinterest.

2 – Ensure the YouTube video has been optimised

It is best to make sure that you are leveraging as much traffic as you can so you need your title and description box to be optimised before you pin a video. You should always start your description with a link (to a blog, product page, opt-in page or even an offer page) and you should use keyword(s).


3 – Ensure the YouTube channel has been optimised and that you have an Opt-In page

When people find your video site, it is likely that they will want to know what else you can share. You need to ensure the channel name and the description box has been optimised. You want to make sure that you have a photo of yourself on the page and that on the right hand side of the YouTube channel you have a link to an opt-in page on your site or blog.


4 – Choose the first video you want pinned

With the first three steps complete, click on your YouTube channel, choose the video that you want pinned and then take the one-click button option. Using the Shareaholic Pin button that is found on the navigation bar of Google Chrome will allow you to share the selected video on Pinterest.


5 – Set up a Pinterest board that is specifically for your YouTube channel

In setting up your board, you want to think about SEO because you can draw traffic from inside and outside of Pinterest when you focus on keywords and SEO activities.


6 – Use keywords in the description

You have a description box for your video and you should make sure that you utilise this opportunity to use targeted keywords that are relevant to your videos and niche. You have 500 characters to make a good impression.


7 – Provide a link to your offers or blog

CaptureWhether you have an opt-in page, a sign-up page, an offers page or any other style of landing page, you want to make sure the link is included in the Pinterest description box. This provides a link from Pinterest, which will be regarded as a link from a trusted source, but it also allows people to click through to your site from Pinterest. Make sure that all of the links are active and you can pick up on a new batch of followers directly from Pinterest.

8 – Repeat the process and pin all of your YouTube videos

Having completed the process, you want to make sure that you do the same for all of your current and existing YouTube videos and then continue the process with any new videos that you upload to YouTube. There is a double benefit to working in this manner because when you pin your YouTube video, you will also create a backlink to your YouTube channel, which you will find is of benefit when it comes to SEO. Having as many links from respected sources pointing towards your YouTube channel has to be regarded as a positive thing.

Similarly, the more links pointing to your website or blog from YouTube and Pinterest will help with respect to SEO.

Having links and connections going back and forth between your site or blog, your YouTube channel and your Pinterest boards will be of benefit to all of these aspects, which will provide you with a great benefit. Pinning your YouTube videos is a very simple process but it is a process that can really impact on your business.