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BLAST-OFF! 3 Ways To Boost Your Posts In Cyber-Space

Boost Your Posts In CyberSpace


Facebook is our launch-pad. We fuel our Facebook Ads with money for our Posts so that everyone can see them in as many places as possible. We’ll let you know the 3 Ways in this article.

So How to Start? Boost!

Use the ”Boost” Button at the bottom-right of any individual post on your page.


Then click the ‘Boost’ button!


But wait a second …

Simply choosing to Boost your posted content with no greater goal or plan will only see your whatever you’ve Boosted up come crashing back down just as quickly. Disappointing, huh? So let’s avoid that.

3 Ways to Give your Posts a (Rocket) Boost:

Rocket Boosting Tip #1: Fuel Posts that are Already Taking Off!

Anyone seriously advertising will be boosting their posts constantly. However, it is key that you;


Seriously; it’s catching a plane with no-idea where the destination is so you don’t know what to take with or what you’ll do once you’ll get there.

Perhaps you want to push more traffic to a Blog Post or Free Offer; perhaps even a Sales Letter or simply to get more ”Likes” to your Facebook fan page.

How About An Example?

This is what we do on our own Facebook fan page Rocket Marketing Hub to push our content posts to become viral and pull-in more ”Likes” to our page.


In the last week our posts have reached 24,521 people with 349 post engagements. We also had 14 new “likes” and we actually did it without spending a single penny on likes.

How’d We Manage This?

If we know a Post is climbing high already, it makes sense to us to pay a bit more to ensure we can make the most of it – ensuring our rocket ship is fully fueled to the brim with staying power.

There are 4 Mini-Steps to do this.

Mini-Step 01: At the top of your Fan Page, click the ‘Insights’ button.


Mini-Step 02: Then on the Left-hand side, click the ‘Posts’ button.


Mini-Step 03: Next is the ‘Reach’ Button; which will automatically sorted to rank each status update from Highest-to-Lowest reach.


Mini-Step 04: Take one of the best performing posts and ‘that’ is the one to Boost.


How Does This Help You?

This is literally PRICELESS FEEDBACK that tells you clearly What Is and Is Not Working; the posts that are getting Likes and the ones that aren’t.

As you can see from the screenshot the number of people who saw this post was over 1,301 and the amount of those who saw it Liked, Shared and Commented on it was 62. With traffic like this you can afford to fuel this skyrocketing Post so it reaches even more people on your fan-page and Facebook at-large.


Rocket Boosting Tip #2: Bring in Friends as well as Fans!

You’ll need to work your brain a bit to figure out what’s best for you in this next step.

You obviously pay Facebook to get your Posts More Exposure. Usually you can just tell them to target your current fan-base and that’s that. But what if you haven’t got together that fan-base yet? You can widen your net to‘Friends of Fans’ as well; filtering them so that they are already a Warm Audience when they get through to your page.

Let’s break it down;

Mini-Step 01: Open up Facebook Manager, and hit the ‘Create Ad’ button then the ‘Boost Post’ button, then name your campaign and click continue.


Mini-Step 02: Here you will be able to adjust the audience, budget and placements.




Mini-Step 03: In the ‘Connections’ section go to the ‘Fan Pages’ tab, then to ‘Friends of People Who Like Your Page’ and put in the name of your Fan Page. Again this is casting a very wide net that’s not very accurate in terms of targeting.



Mini-Step 04: Get the targeting for your audience narrowed down now. Usually between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people and then work through the filters you have at your disposal. Behaviours?


What you should end pup with after this process is not only Fans and Friends of Fans being available to you but two highly-accurate targeted audience to get involved in your community and engage with your content.

Rocket Boosting Tip #3: Only Pay For What Works!

You aren’t running your business for fleeting attentions – You want Real Interest in Your Posts.

Say you are holding a Live Event and you have a link on included on a post to a landing page where they are able to sign-up. You can use the ‘How Much do you Want to Spend’ section to change your bid to optimise your engagements to your Post and only Pay-Out when people really do engage with it!


With all of this set-up, you can feel confident that your Boosted Posts are fuelled, targeted and Ready to Blast-Off to getting you the right kind of audience and the most amount of exposure for your product, brand or business.

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