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Facebook Advertising – Why it’s worth investing at least £1 per day

Facebook Advertising – Why it’s worth investing at least £1 per day

Advertising has not always been an option for all businesses – either the cost has been too high or there is simply not a medium that suits them. Pre-internet days the closest there was to widespread advertising for businesses of all sizes was The Yellow Pages or Thompson Local, but even then not everyone was signed up.

The internet, as in so many other ways, was of course a game-changer but it is Facebook advertising that may really prove to the affordable, one-size-fits-all solution. Some marketing departments and PR firms are against advertising in general but when you look at Facebook’s costs and reach it would be madness to suggest there’s not every logic that points towards doing it.

Here are some key reasons why as a business you should be doing it:

  • The quite simply HUGE reach of Facebook, covering multiple demographics and countries
  • The minimum spend is only £1 per day
  • It has the lowest cost per 1000 impressions that advertising has ever known, a mere 0.25p per 1000!
  • It uses intelligent targeting, much in the way that Google’s AdWords does

With all of the above it becomes hard to see a reason not to. Every business can afford to spend around £30 a month on advertising and the return required to make it worthwhile is tiny. Despite that the ROI from Facebook advertising is likely to be much higher than the initial outlay, given that you will only be spending a pound of getting your business brand in front of 4000 potential customers who would otherwise not have seen you.

Where marketers may be reticent to allocate advertising budgets to this new (and indeed any other) advertising channel it may come down to an inability to track the conversions and therefore gain a true understanding of whether it is working or not. This can be got round easily enough as Facebook have their own tracking system that advertising customers can use.

To access this you will need to:

  • Go to Facebook Ad Manager
  • Click on ‘Conversion Tracking’ on the left-hand side
  • Next click on the green box called ‘Create Conversion Pixel’
  • Call it something appropriate and memorable
  • Choose from the type of conversion as appropriate (eg. lead, add to cart)
  • Copy the code and apply to site, often in the <head> section itself is a good idea

You can choose to target Facebook ads in a number of ways, for example gender, age, location, education level, work place, profession, language and more.

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