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Episode 2 – How to schedule your social media

how to schedule your social media

Remembering to do your social media can be a real pain in the arse, things just always seem to get in the way right?

Well there is a better way, you can set your social media in less than 1 hour for the whole month.

The best tool on the market to schedule your social media in my opinion is Hootsuite. I have business quotes and inspirational quotes set up to run until 2017.

It took me a few hours to set up but I can now be confident that I have something going out on social at least once a week for the next few years. I can then once a week focus on things that are more current, in that case for us we look at our blog content.

We schedule the content we have posted on our blog to go out on our social accounts multiple times. Recently we did a post on 17 SEO Myths, we will use this post over 20 times via our social media accounts. Firstly we will use the post as a whole,


Then we will break it down into each of the 17 points and submit each one to our social platform.

Keep an eye on how we do it by following all our social platforms to see how this content is used in the coming days.

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