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Email marketing study

Email Marketing Study

Marketing study reveals the efficacy of personalised emails and need for companies to invest in mobile.Email marketing study

Marketing research arm of Experian, Experian Marketing Services, has conducted a study in to different forms of email marketing tools. These included personalised emails, mobile, integrating social media and customer preferences.

The crux of what the study showed is that businesses need to personalise the experience to maximise open and click through rates and to make more of the opportunities from mobiles.

Email personalisation

Notably, the study revealed the extent of the impact that personalising an email can make – the transaction rates and revenue for these were six times the amount from non-personalised emails. Despite this benefit and although the majority of companies requested personal information, a whopping 70% failed to act on the information they had accrued and still sent non-personalised emails.

Personalised emails enjoyed 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click through rates, all of which contributed to the higher revenue rates these types of emails achieve. Triggered email campaigns also got better response rates this way – personalising them doubled the transaction rates compared to emails which weren’t personalised.

Personalised subject headings were also treated favourably, getting 26% greater overall open rates than non-personalised ones, across all industries. It worked best for the travel industry, with 60% higher unique open rate. Next were multi-channel retailers (37%) and catalogues (34%). For the publishing and consumer products and services industries it made less of an impact – 1% and 6% respectively.

E-receipts and Opt-In Emails

E-receipts and opt-in emails also fare better, getting the highest open and click rates – double the number of open rates than bulk emails in fact. Opt-in emails are 2.7 times more likely to get a response compared with ordinary welcome emails. For reactivation purposes opt-in emails got much higher rates than other types of reactivation emails.


Half of all click throughs from marketing emails now come from mobile devices, with 39% of all unique clicks. Despite these impressive figures however 24% of companies do not currently optimise their emails for mobiles. The majority of brands which do – making up 75% – were promotional companies sending codes or discounts.

In the main companies also fail to combine email marketing with SMS marketing to mobiles, with 60% failing to offer the latter in 2012. This figure did drop slightly in 2013 however, to 55%.

Social media and email marketing

The majority of businesses are aware of the necessity of social media inclusion in their email campaigns and so figures are understandably high – 96% of all used social media buttons in their headers and footers. Jumping up in popularity most between 2012 and 2013 were Pinterest and Instagram (from 32% to 64% and nothing to 39% respectively). Popular forerunners Facebook and Twitter were and remain high, although they did experience a slight dip between 2012 and 2013. Facebook is the most popular – used for 98% of companies in 2013 and 93% in 2013. Twitter went from 91% to 88%, a marginally smaller drop.

Calls to actions with social is becoming more popular, with – 

43% – Like this

33% – Pin it

21% – Tweet this

Customer preferences

Companies are also failing to utilise customer preferences for emails – 60% don’t ask their customers about what they would like to receive at all.

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