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Create Brilliant Facebook Ad Designs Like The Professionals

Create Brilliant Facebook Ad Designs Like The Professionals


While Facebook advertising provides you with the chance to get in front of your target market, it can be difficult. It is also getting tougher with the level of competition with respect to Facebook advertising growing all the time. It is easy to see why many people will feel that advertising on Facebook is a waste of time and money but this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are two key aspects that make a massive difference when it comes to achieving success with Facebook advertising:

• You need to have a great design
• You need to have laser focused targeting

These are the two key aspects and if you have both of these elements in place, you will be far more likely to achieve success with Facebook advertising.

Here are 9 tips that will help you create the most appealing and attractive Facebook ad designs that will get buyers lining up.

#1 You have to test a number of designs

This is one of the most important tips because it is something that many people overlook. You should never make assumptions about what will sell and what won’t.

You need to test everything, even if you have plenty of experience in designing and Facebook advertising.

You may not like the idea of creating extra work for yourself but every time you run a new campaign, you should be looking to create 4 different Facebook Ad designs and then test every one of them. A good way to do this would be to create two separate images and two separate copy texts, giving you a total of 4 illustrations.

CaptureCapture 2

What works for you is likely to depend on your business and audience but you will often find that a picture of a person helps you to connect with your audience in an effective manner.

After you test and choose a preferred option, you should also look to review it at a later date. It may be that your initially better performing ad campaign has now run its course or people have become bored with it, which means you may need to change things up.

#2 You need to create buyer personas

It is likely that your business will have a range of customers, all of whom are going to have different needs. This means that there is a lot to be said for creating different buyer personas and then thinking about what each persona is looking for from you. This will help you to provide a better service to all of your customers but it will also help you to create a more focused range of Facebook Ad designs. Learn more about creating your customer avatar here. 

Capture                            buyer-persona-targeting-facebook-ad-example

For every type of customer personal that you have, write about them. Is the customer a man or a woman? Do they have a job and if they do, what is their job title?

What is the biggest issue that the customer faces and how can your product or service solve this problem?

You should then look to create a Facebook Ad that is aimed directly at each persona, targeting the “pain point” for each persona.

#3 You have to provide social proof

When it comes to the main reason a customer decides to buy or not buy a product, what is the biggest emotional influence?

It is fear.

Customers will often decide against buying products, your products, any product, because they are scared that they are making the wrong choice for their needs and that they are going to lose money. For many businesses, this is why offering a free product as a lead magnet is a sensible idea. A free product offers no risk and when there is no risk there is no fear for the consumer, which removes one of the biggest stumbling blocks that people may have when considering to buy your product.


However, you may feel that giving your product away for free is a bad choice and you don’t need to give away products and services for free to convince people to buy from you. You should always be looking to address people’s fears though and minimise their exposure to fear. This is why social proof is so important and adding social proof to your Facebook Ad designs can result in improved sales or signups.

Whether you can add a VIP endorsement or you are able to provide testimonials from genuine clients, there is a lot to be said for showcasing the fact that many people appreciate your service. Even though Dropbox is a major name, they are still quick to remind people that they provide essential services to over 100,000 businesses. This means that you automatically think of them as a company that can be trusted.

Whether you use testimonials, reviews, volume of users or anything else which makes people believe in you doesn’t really matter, but you do need to have some form of social proof in your Facebook ad.

#4 You need to include a Call-To-Action

A Call-To-Action isn’t a cure-all solution for the problems you face when looking to get people to your landing page but it can make a big difference in making things easier for users. This is because the Call-To-Action provides people with the information that they need to know when they arrive on your site. Not only has the Call-To-Action convinced them to click through, a well-worded CTA will ensure that people know exactly what they are doing when they arrive on your website.


Confused or uninformed customers log off or become frustrated but if you outline the benefits and what a customer should expect, they will find it a lot easier to do what they are supposed to. Whether this is “buy a book”, “take a survey” “subscribe and receive information” or any other action, a good quality Call-To-Action in your Facebook Ad ensures that people know what is expected of them and what they need to do when they arrive at your site.

#5 You have to use images that stand out

CaptureFacebook is a very busy and crowded place and no matter what you are looking to promote or advertise, if you want to stand out and be clicked, you need to grab the attention of your user. Your image will play a massive role in this and the right image is often the difference between success and failure with respect to Facebook advertising.

Some businesses use a visual contrast but the unfortunate thing with this approach is that it creates the impression of spam. A better approach is to adopt the approach of Instagram and use filters on your images. It can be difficult to create an original attention-grabbing image that isn’t overpowering or offensive but this is why you should be looking to test your image.



#6 You need to appeal to the rational and emotional sides of your users

Appealing to rational and emotional sides will ensure that you can reach out to as many people as possible. While some people are rational people and some people are emotional people, there are times when these people can switch, so you never know who you are dealing with and how best to reach out to them on a particular day. A rational person will appreciate features while an emotional person will focus on the benefits. You need to address both of these sides to fully inform your customer of what you offer but to also ensure you have the best chance of reaching out to your audience.

#7 You have to be consistent

Customers will form an opinion of your company, and therefore your products or services, based on all of your interaction and engagement. This is why there is a need to be consistent at all times but when it comes to Facebook Ads, you really need to ensure that your advert is similar to your company branding and website.

Capture           Capture

If a customer sees a funny and humorous Facebook ad and then clicks through to find a formal and professional Facebook ad, they may wonder if they have clicked the right link. They may have liked the premise set up in the ad but now that they are on the company site, they are not too sure about the image and identity of a firm. A lack of consistency can disorientate a customer and this will often convince them not to buy from you.

You also need to make sure that any promises or offers you state on your ad have to be included on the site. If you promise a 20% discount in your ad but this isn’t available on your site, you’ll lose a sale and people will distrust your brand.

#8 You have to put the ad in the right place

You need to place your Facebook ad in the right place and you want to make sure that your ad is properly advertised for where it is placed. Different placements on Facebook work better for certain ads or promotions, with the following examples being worth considering:

The Desktop newsfeed – This is very good for generating sales, leads and encouraging engagement. You have the chance to utilise longer copy and provide a link description with this style of ad.


The Desktop right column – This isn’t as effective but it is more affordable. The image will be smaller and the text will be harder to read. This means that it can be difficult to catch someone’s eye but there will be a chance to retarget users who are familiar with your brand.

Capture 1

The mobile newsfeed – This is a great way to encourage engagement and if you are a company operating in the mobile industry, such as providing apps, this is the most effective platform to use. After all, this is the device your target users are using, so it makes sense to promote your products or service on this platform. The mobile platform is also a good one to encourage users to discover what you offer and then consider your services in more detail on their desktop.

Capture 2

You need to be aware that the copy space is shorter for mobile newsfeeds, so you must get to the point quickly.

#9 You must always be credible

You may think that being bombastic or making big promises is a great way to grab attention but this is only ever a short term solution. For long term sales and good relationships, you need to develop a sense of credibility and trust. You need to promote the benefits you offer in an effective and realistic way.