No matter what sort of local business or establishment you operate, you need to have people coming through your door. You may think that you cannot compete with major firms when it comes to promotion and marketing, but you don’t need to.  Social platforms allow you to advertise on a minimal budget; they give you freedom to turn the budget on and off and there is the social benefit of people talking about your brand. Word of mouth is hugely important for local businesses and you want to make sure that your name or brand is known by local people.

A great reason for local businesses to use Facebook advertising comes with the fact that you know where your audience is. This removes a lot of the targeting work you would have to do to reach your audience, because your audience is around you.

For many areas, Facebook even provides an objective based around local businesses. There is also the bonus of being able to put in a specific street address and then make changes to the radius of your reach from that address.

You can place your business location directly at the heart of your advertising campaign and there are options about the people you uncover with your campaign:

  • You can target people who live in the location (according to their Facebook profile information)
  • You can focus on people who have recently been in the area
  • You can even focus on people who are travelling in your specified radius

This is good to have because some firms are looking for different people. It may be that you are focusing on the tourist market as opposed to local residents or your main customer base is people who work in the local area as opposed to people who live close to you. Being able to differentiate between these groups of people improves your chances of reaching the people you really want to reach.

Being able to split your audience even allows you to create different offers. You may want to target local residents with a bonus or campaign that encourages loyalty and return visits while your focus on visitors or tourists is just to get them in the door and get a good review from them.

Call out to your audience

Facebook can be a busy place and if you want people to stop and pay attention to what you say, it is best to give them a reason to stop; which means calling out to them. If your ad copy contains the name of their city, people are going to pay attention because the ad will be a lot more relevant to them.

If you are running an advert reaching out to a local audience, make sure you state the name of your town or city in your advert. You don’t get a lot of time to connect with people on Facebook so make sure that you give yourself the best chance of being found by the people you want to be found, and this means calling out your audience.

Boost posts that your audience will have an interest in

If you have a special offer or you sell products or provide services that you believe people will have an interest in, make sure you tell people about them. If you are a local bar or restaurant that has a happy hour, you need to make sure that people know about this offer. If you are a bakery and you serve cupcakes that have a local twist, make sure your audience is aware of what you offer.

There will be products or services that you sell that are at the heart of your business, and it is of benefit to let people know what you do. If you are a restaurant, post your menu. If you are a bar, let people see what beers you have on draught or what wine or sprits you sell. If you are a shoe store, let people see your stock of shoes.

You can also take reviews and testimonials from existing customers and share them with your audience. Boosting these posts into your local community will spread the word and it should provide you with feedback as to what your community thinks about your offerings.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Create An Event

If you are a local store with a local presence, you want people coming to your store, and a great way to achieve this is to create an event. Hosting a party or celebration is a fantastic way to get people to visit you, to talk about you and this can create a positive atmosphere around your store. This means you should set a date and time for your event and then start inviting people along. Once people start that they are coming along or that they are interested, this information shows up on their friends’ timelines which ensures that news of your business and your event spreads. When it comes to word of mouth, this is exactly what a local business should be looking for.

While the event is important, give people other reasons to come along rather than just the event itself. You may want to give away free food, drinks or even offer discounted prices. You may want to create a themed event that will appeal to certain people.

Running a free or discounted promotion alongside your event, perhaps using the event as the starting point for your promotion, is a fantastic way to increase awareness about what you do and to drive traffic to your store. If you are a company that can benefit from customer loyalty (such as a dentist practice or clothing store), it is often worth running a campaign that only breaks even, or even suffers a minimal loss, in the first run if it will help you gain customers or clients who will return to you time and time again.

You should ask yourself, am I willing to offer a discount or give away something for free in order to gain a customer who buys from me time and time again? Most firms will think this is a suitable approach if it helps them find customers who will use them over and over again.

Facebook event

Post content that is of value to your local audience

Offering content that is of interest to your local audience is a fantastic way to reach them and grab their attention. You will find that creating adverts that direct people to your content is a tremendous way of placing focus on your brand and increasing awareness of who you are and why they should buy from you. Promoting this style of content is less about selling in the here and now, it is more about positioning yourself as an expert in your field and a company that a firm should have a long term relationship.

If you are a Personal Trainer, you want your clients to be confident that the guidance and advice they receive from you is of a high standard. Linking towards your content allows people to learn about you and see what your thoughts on key topics are. No matter what role you have, you can showcase your credentials and indicate your passion for what you do. If you are a dog walker, talking about your love of dogs and your experiences of caring for them will have a more positive long term impact than just another advert.

So, Facebook advertising is a fantastic option for local businesses, and remember these key points:

  • Use the name of your town or city in the post
  • Give people a reason to take action or come and see you
  • Always offer value with your posts

If you follow these tips, you should find that Facebook advertising is a brilliant way to inform people about what you do.

With so many new website features being made available these days, it can be difficult to keep up but hopefully you will have seen website push notifications.

These are a fantastic way to:

  • Convert your website guests into regular fans and visitors to the site
  • Turn these regular visitors into leads
  • Turns leads into customers

There are many ways that your business website can help you follow-up with clients and website push notifications are set to join the ranks of ad retargeting, newsletters and exit pop-ups as fantastic tools that allow you to connect and reconnect with people.

So what are website push notifications?

These notifications are messages that can be clicked on and a website sends it to subscribers right there on their desktop or on their mobile device. It is possible to send a wide array of information to subscribers of this nature, including:

  • Offers – allowing you to inform interested users of a sale or special deal
  • Content – if you have a new post, video, podcast or any content, let people know
  • A poll or survey – if you are looking for feedback, reach out to people
  • Shopping cart – if people abandon their cart, you have a chance to reach back out to them

These are similar to mobile app push notifications but of course, they are for websites, not apps, and you don’t need to be on a mobile device to receive them.

It is very easy to set up website push notifications as there are just two key steps:

A triggered opt-in box

When someone lands on your site, they trigger an opt-in box. This will ask the visitor if they want to be added to your subscriber list and if the user clicks “allow”, they will be added.

Web site push notification

Send Push Notifications

Once someone has subscribed to the service, you send them push notifications that appear in real-time. If the user clicks on the notification, they will be taken to the specified URL.

You will hopefully have a range of ways you can use this style of notification to improve your business but a fantastic way to harness its immediacy comes with short term promotions or issues that are time sensitive.

Create a deadline and add some urgency

Creating a deadline creates a sense of urgency and instils a fear of missing out for some users. This means you are more likely to see people take action when you use this form of notification to link people to something that is running out of time.

There is also a great way to personalise content for people. It is possible to track how long a user has spent on a particular page on your site or how often they have looked at a page on your site. If a user has focused on one product or service but hasn’t purchased or contacted you, your push notification can reach out to them with an offer directly related to this product or service. If you feel as though once the customer uses it they will become a regular customer, offering a discount or a trial service may be of benefit. You don’t want to offer this discount to anyone but if there are customers who seem very interested but haven’t quite taken the plunge; this is a tremendous way to get them to take action.

Provide guests that leave with a reason to return

Many sites are also using it to direct users to linked or related news or products when a user moves away from a page. The fact that this happens instantly makes it more likely that the user will return to your site or will check out what you have to offer.

Automate informing your blog followers

This method is very similar to informing your audience of updates about your blog by email but the difference is, it appears on a person’s screen straight away. Email is still a good form of communication but providing updates in this medium is likely to be much more attractive and effective than sending blog updates via email.

One study undertaken by the VWO blog found that the push notification CTR was better than the email CTR by 331%. Clearly that is just one result but it is enough of a result and margin to make people at least consider the new option.

Recovering abandoned carts can be made easier

Closing the deal is crucial for many firms and seeing carts being abandoned can be heart-breaking at times. There is a thought that this notification method may be more effective in reminding a customer to return and finish their purchase than contacting by email.

Reasons for this include:

  • Shoppers may have switched to another site to compare prices and then got side-tracked
  • Something may have happened during the checkout process

Reminding people on screen that they have a shopping cart with items will hopefully conclude the deal. Some retailers may even offer a discount code at this point to persuade the user to conclude their transaction.

Upselling and cross-selling

Push-notification is also being used to upsell and cross-sell items, although it does require a strong level of segmentation of your audience. However, when it works, you will have invaluable information about your customers, and your audience will develop trust in you and what you offer. In the future, you may find that the customer becomes more reliant on your push-notification tips due to how well it matches them

Collect feedback

Feedback is essential for every firm but it can be difficult to obtain honest and genuine feedback at times. However, the use of push notification messaging can improve this process thanks to its opt-in rate performance (better than email); and you can elicit responses from people after they have been away from your site. There is a belief that on site feedback is more likely to be biased towards a positive review of the company, so allowing a user to provide opinions after they have spent time away from the site may allow for more genuine feedback

Copy for push notifications

When it comes to push notifications, you have to get to the point quickly. Depending on the platform you use, you may be limited to 40 to 120 characters, so remember these points:

  • Be clear on what action you want people to take
  • Identify a single message

You want people to take action from the notification, so make it very clear what action you want people to take. You also want to focus on one issue at a time. Yes, you may have a wide product range to offer but with such a limited opportunity to get your point across, you need to focus on individual matters at a time.

Think about what the user is likely to be most interested in about the page you are sending them to, and make that the focus of your written content. Always aim to reach out to the user and offer them value.

Measuring push notification performance

It is natural that you will first of all look at the people clicking on your push notifications but there are more important things to consider. Ultimately, you will use notifications to convince the user to take action. This action may be to make a purchase, fill in a form and provide you with details, sign up for a trial or something else but ultimately, you want people to do something and that should be the focus of success of a push notification campaign.

You can review your site and determine how people are arriving on your site and from this, review how the people who arrive via push notifications are behaving. There are ways to tweak your push notification to get more people to your site but this won’t legislate for the rest of your site letting you down, so be sure to focus on the bigger picture too.

Push notification is another great tool that businesses can use to connect, engage and re-engage with an audience, but it won’t do everything you need by itself.

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”EP14: The Ultimate Facebook Split-Test Strategy” artist=”James Nicholson” color=”eb7132″ social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_gplus=”true” ]

There’s more than enough we could go into about split tests in-detail. It can be overwhelming if taken all together. For us, we find the best way to get the analysis we need to is to cut away the waste, and Shave-Off Critical Time and Effort with a Razor-Sharp Facebook Split-Test Strategy.

What is Split-Testing For; How Can It Help Me?


Split-testing is about choices and preference. The whole purpose of the Split-Test is to see what people within a selected market take notice of and engage with, taking into consideration the variables and influences that affect that market.

You’re at a car dealership, say, and you’re looking for a 4×4 and are shown two. After you weigh up the options and your needs you choose one. That is the essence of what a Split-Test is.


Click Here To Listen, Subscribe & Review -The Rocket Cast On iTunes.


These variables and choices can end up spiralling when you consider the sheer number of people utilising a platform like Facebook.

As of March 2016 there are over 1.59 billion monthly active Facebook users and that in of itself is a colossal volume of different potential markets. In order to fully advertise to best of potential you need to test out a variety of target audiences, background images, videos, wording etc to effectively close the chosen market-or-markets. It can seem like such a large burden of effort that Many Business Owners Swerve Using Split-Testing All-Together.

As much as it is all-of-that, though; Split-Testing is An Highly-Effective Tool in Your Arsenal when it comes to making across-the-board improvements to your Ad Performances.

How to Get Started – Graphics

Many things go into what makes an effective advertisement on Facebook, but Prime Among These is the Background Image or ‘Graphic’ you use.

On Facebook this is extremely streamlined; all you need-do is select 6 separate images and you can upload them all together. Using this tool allows you to Split-Test all of those graphics together and get all the data you need quick-and-fast, rather than having to cut through the time-sink of uploading individual images and running them individual for testing.



What’s also quite awesome is Facebook can take control of the Split-Testing Process; running it for you using your best-performing Graphic which keeps your Cost-of-Conversion right down.


The Next Step – Headlines

Following on from picking the most effective Graphic is Split-Testing Headlines, where we can eek out even better performance from our Ad. Check out the Ad ”Effective Facebook Ads”;


With a bit of patience you can Put together 6-different Advertisements and Begin your Split-Testing.

Let’s cut right to it;

Using Facebook Ads Manager, choose the campaign you want to work at and which ad set. You’ll come to a screen of ads you have already Split-Tested.

Now click the best performing ad Graphic that works best. You can also turn-off under-performing ads from this screen.



Once that Ad has opened up for you, there will be a ‘++’ to duplicate that same ad, which will bring to this screen after;


Head straight for the ‘Go to Audience & Budget’ button and click-through to the next screen;


All we are trying to change is our Headline, so click the ‘Choose Ad Creative’ button which brings you here;


We’re finally there! You can now Edit your Headline, then hit the ‘Place Order’ button,

Aaaaand …

Now you’ve Created a New Ad, within the same set of Ads and have now got it Split-Testing against your Best-Performer but with a changed Headline. After you hit ‘Place Order’, you can immediately create a new ad based around the same parameters. Quick-and-Easy.


You can quickly Split-Test 6 different Headlines and get a well-attainable 20% improvement on your results.

Why This Gets Results

Facebook has a vested interest in your ads performing well. If your ads are working then you are likely to continue using them and spending more money with them. By accessing and controlling who sees your advertisements they can start drawing results and focusing on who your targeting your marketing towards.

Optimising is What We’re Doing Here.

All we’ve done is play with varying Graphics and Headlines and allowed Facebook to Optimise for us.

The Results? By working on both the Graphics and Headlines through Split-Testing to see which have the most pull, we can gain up to 70% improvement by working with six variations of each and going with the best performing. This way we Cut Straight to the Results with Razor-Sharp Certainty.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of putting together an effective new Ad structure. If you need insight into more parts beyond Graphics and Content, then you can find the materials you need by Reading  7 Building Blocks to Constructing an Effective Facebook Ad

[NOTE] Are you starting a Facebook Advertising campaign? Need some inspiration? Click on the image below to grab your swipe file!





It’s a quick short sharp tip that will help your business grow online.





Using Facebook Ads is potentially a fantastic advantage to your Marketing and Advertising seeking to build traffic to your to your site. However, you can waste so much money and time on it if you are not aware of what you’re doing.

We’re going to give you 5-Steps to making the Absolutely Best out of your Facebook Ads – and with only £7 a day.

1: Objectives: Choose the Right Goal.


Facebook allows you to effectively map out where your trying to reach. Before you first Create an Advert you’ll be asked what the Objective or Goal it is you seeking during the campaign. Options such as ‘Get Video Views’, ‘Increase Conversions on the Website’, ‘Promote Page’ etc.

The Objective you choose here is important, and whilst your ultimate goal is to sell your product or service, many users of Facebook won’t be buying. Considering a different Objective that can help you in the long-term (getting sign-ups to your email or getting Likes for Page).

2: Promoting RATHER than Boosting.


The ‘Boost Post’ option is a quick-and-easy method of growing reach of your posts to your fan-base and those beyond it but it lacks finesse; it’s just a general push of wind in any given direction.

Promoting your Posts with Facebook Ad Manager will broaden your options with your targeting and make the budget of £7 a day go further.

3: Customise to Find your Customers.


Friends deal with Friends. An age-old sentiment, and it’s one that you need to appreciate; No-One Will Buy Your Products Or Take You Up On Your Offers if They Don’t Know You. There really is no profit in chasing strangers. Luckily you can target your ads by creating a Custom Audience.

You can upload your Customer data to be included in your ads – be it email addresses, phone numbers and Facebook User IDs – and can even keep-track of those who visited previously.

4: Vary up your Ads and Avoid Fading Away.

As Good As Spending £7 a Day For Your Facebook Ads Is, You’re Going To Need To Work Double-Hard to Make Sure That You Leave A Lasting Impression on your audience. People can get tired of an ad and start to ignore it; causing you to fade into the background. Speaking of background …

Along with varying the copy your using you should change the Graphics you’re using to keep attention up. Whilst this doesn’t need to be done every single day; implementing variety will enhance the longevity of your advertisements.

If you want the means to rapidly cut to the best of your marketing , then give this a read;  The Razor-Sharp Facebook Split-Test Strategy

5: Do not Promote Directly!


Again, the majority of Facebook Users aren’t looking to buy things when the use the site. You should not assume that advertising your product directly through your posts is a good idea. Take a step back and consider how much content yours will be up against on a average Facebook page or Newsfeed. Like we said earlier, you can fade out into the background and be lost; especially if it isn’t engaging and only focusing on a sale.

You Must Build A Rapport With Your Prospective Customers!

The general behaviour of Facebook users is to breeze over things – Liking or Clicking through a Link to your website/page – rather than immediately committing to purchasing a product they’ve only seen for 20-seconds. Advertisements should build-up a potential customers relationship with you and your brand and not throw a sale at them.

A good way to go about this is a Free Offer that presents something of Value at Low-Risk to your potential lead. That let’s them know what your about and the quality of your service in a totally noncommittal manner That Will Draw Them Into Your Larger Sales Funnel.

Employing the 5-Steps above can really help you Break New Ground in terms of how effective your Facebook Ads are – at the very Bare Minimum of Cost.

If you are looking to start constructing a Facebook Ad campaign but need to know the tools and how to use them, Read this Post; ( The 7 Building Blocks to Constructing an Effective Facebook Ad.)

[NOTE] Are you starting a Facebook Advertising campaign? Need some inspiration? Click on the image below to grab your swipe file!


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