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9 Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Your Email List

9 lead magnet ideas

A lead magnet is a brilliant way to get people interested with what you have to offer. You should consider it as a bribe that provides your users and guests with a tremendous piece of value. In return, your users will provide you with contact information in order to get their hands on this valuable piece of information.

The main aim of a Lead Magnet is to increase the number of targeted leads you receive when running an offer. If you are looking to optimise customer value, this is a great way to do so. In this guide, we will run through 9 great lead magnets that will help you to attract the right people and we will also look at the WRONG QUESTIONS that businesses have about generating leads. We want you to be confident and knowledgeable about how to generate and why you must generate leads!

For starters though, there is an important point to be made about lead magnets and that is that they should be specific. They don’t need to be lengthy or take a lot of time to create. The main focus is to solve a problem that people have. You should be able to provide a simple solution for a well-defined section of your market or audience.

Ideally, your lead magnet should be able to be used quickly and will provide benefits within minutes for your user. This doesn’t have to be the case every time but you can see why the best lead magnets are not lengthy PDFs or courses which take place over a week or two. The best lead magnets will invariably be short, to the point and offer a solution that can be acted upon quickly.

Of course you can create lengthy lead magnets but with shorter and focused lead magnets achieving great success and being easier to create, doesn’t it make sense to focus your time and energy on these magnets.

We’ll now look at the lead magnets that are known for achieving great results.

1. Guide/Report

You’ll find that guides or reports are very popular when it comes to lead magnets but you should tread carefully with this style of lead magnet. This is because guides or reports can be general and not offer a specific solution. Always bear in mind that you should have a purpose behind your lead magnet and you’ll be able to create focused and specific guides or reports.

– MuleSoft –

Free Report

2. Cheat Sheet/Handout

These lead magnets work well and you can see how they can solve a problem. A cheat sheet that walks someone through how to carry out a task or resolve a problem answers a specific issue, which means that you can be focused in targeting your audience. These magnets are often short, often only a page long, so they can be compiled quickly and easily too.

– Rocket Marketing Hub –


3. Toolkit/Resource List

Again, providing people with a list of resources or the tools they need to carry out a task or undertake a task more effectively makes perfect sense. This is an ideal lead magnet for focusing on a particular problem and providing an effective solution.

– LeadPages –


4. Video Training

If you have the skills and ability to create video training, this is a great option for a lead magnet. Video content is at the heart of internet use these days, and this is something that people want more of. If you can provide people with the information they need, in a format that is right for them, you’ll find that you have a lot of people signing up for what you offer.

– Podcaster Paradise –

Video Training

5. Free Trial/Software Download

If you are in a market where you provide software or services, this style of lead magnet may be of benefit to your audience. Many people and businesses are looking for automated services that will take care of their problems for them and if you have software that solves a specific problem, this will be of interest. You want to make sure that you have other items of interest to your user but providing free software to gather interest is a sensible strategy when it comes to lead magnets.

– GrooveHQ –

Free Trial

6. Offer a Discount/Free Delivery

If you sell physical products or you are also focused on offline services, you may find that providing a discount, regular discounts or free delivery will be the aspect that draws new users in to what you provide. If you offer people the chance to get money off your product or services in exchange for an email address, you will find that many people will be keen to sign up for your mailing list.

– Southwest Airlines –

Free Shipping

7. Quiz/Survey

An innovative way to encourage people to sign up for your details is to undertake a quiz or survey. This will allow people to have their say on a matter that may be important to them, and as you promise to deliver the results to their email address, it gives them a chance to receive insight into a topic that they have an interest in. It is also possible to provide quizzes to your audience in exchange for their contact details.

– Improvenet –


8. Assessment/Test

Similar to the previous lead magnet, allowing people to take tests or assessments and then providing them with the results by email is a great way to connect with an audience and develop your list.

– HubSpot –


9. Sales Material

It may be that the information that people want from you most is information about what you offer. You only have to think of the number of major retailers who exchange email addresses in return for an electronic version of their product catalogue. If you have a product catalogue or you feel that people will want to keep up to date with your product range, this can be a good lead magnet.

Now that you have so many great ideas for lead magnets, you may ask yourself how you generate traffic towards your lead magnet. However, this is the wrong sort of question to ask because traffic is available virtually everywhere online. You only have to look at the leading social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to realise that there billions of users who would be happy to engage with you and provide information. The thing is, you need to spend some money on advertising to successfully reach out on these sites, but it is a simple and affordable process.

When it comes to utilising lead magnets properly, the questions you want to ask include:

  • What offers should I make available?
  • Do these offers convert well?
  • How much will a visit to my landing page be worth?
  • What is the value of a new lead?
  • What is the value of a new sale?

– IKEA –

Sales Material

If you were to find out that every time a visit was made to your landing page that you made a profit of £10, would you be happy to spend money to bring traffic to that page? You could spend up to £9.99 on driving traffic to the page and still make a profit. This means it is important to work out the value of your pages and offers and then you can better determine what you can do, or spend, to drive traffic towards these pages.

You will often hear many experts say that there is no such thing as a traffic problem; it just depends on how much you are willing to spend to get traffic towards you. However the right lead magnet will have an impact on overall value, so make sure that you find the right lead magnet for the right customers.

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