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9 Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses With No Budget

9 Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses With No Budget

When it comes to boosting your business, finding free yet effective ways to do so is crucial. Social media platforms, like Facebook, provide a genuine opportunity to market your business without spending any money and these 9 Facebook marketing tips for businesses with no budget will help you get ahead.

#1 Create eye-catching cover photos


You know that you need to make a positive first impression when it comes to winning over new users and audiences on Facebook. However, many people fear the cost of having engaging and great looking cover photos. The thing is though, there are FREE tools available and if you use Canva, you’ll find that they have a layout that is set-up for Facebook covers.

This means you don’t need to worry about size or format, you can get stuck in to create a relevant cover image. There is plenty of help and free graphics to use, and you’ll find that you can create a stylish looking cover photo with a minimum of fuss, effort and cash!

#2 Always remember your email list

Facebook is a great platform but don’t forget that no matter how well you are doing, Facebook is always in control and they could make changes at any time that impact on your ability to reach your audience or engage them. This is why you should look to have your fans and followers from your own Facebook page on an email list that you are in full control of.  Offer them things they can download from your website in order to get their details.

#3 Ask questions and engage people

To make the most of Facebook, you need to engage your audience and the simplest, yet most effective way of doing so, is to ask questions. Businesses that only send messages one-way will eventually see people tuning out what they have to say or post. However, if you are involved in two-way conversations, you’ll find that people will take an interest in what you post.

Ask for thoughts and opinions and be sure to ask for feedback. Businesses spend large sums of money hoping for actionable feedback but with a good Facebook account, you can get this feedback for free.

facebook comments


#4 Use Facebook Insights to see what works

Facebook Insights

While some people will tell you that they have an instinctive knowledge for what works and what doesn’t, do they really know? Why guess or hope for the best when Facebook will tell you what works? Facebook Insights will provide you with information about which topics and posts types connect with your audience. You should therefore focus on creating these types of posts.

#5 Image quotes are great

If you use Facebook, you’ll know that image quotes are very popular and they can be made quite easily. There are a number of free tools you can use to create these image quotes, such as the aforementioned Canva, Logo Type Maker, PicCollage or Pixlr.

These are the quotes that people like and share so you’ll find that they are a great way to increase awareness of your brand and get people interested in what you have to offer.

facebook image quotes

#6 Find content ideas with Buzzsumo

Sometimes the hardest part of posting is knowing what to post about. If you are eager to post but don’t what to post about, using a tool like Buzzsumo will provide you with a list of popular subjects for any given topic. All you have to do is type in the topic that interests you and Buzzsumo will provide you with a list of the most popular topics for content with respect to social shares.


A lot of success on Facebook, and social media platforms, is about copying the successful strategies and tactics, but with your own unique take or twist. Finding out the top topics will help you post on the most relevant subjects.

#7 Offer promotions and deals

People love offers, discounts and promotions and studies indicate that close to 50% of people liking a brand page did so in order to obtain discounts or promotions. Whether you give away freebies or provide people with a discount code to save money when they buy from you, this is a great way to engage and you should see more people following you or buying from you.

#8 Link between your site and your Facebook page

It is vital that you do as much as you can to increase awareness of your Facebook page, and this includes driving traffic from your site to the Facebook page. Some people think that traffic between Facebook and your site should only go one way but there is a lot to be said for showing off all of your outlets and ensuring that people know where you are. You may have people landing on your site from sources other than Facebook so make sure that they know you have a Facebook page.

link to site

#9 Be consistent and stick with it

If you are looking to reap the rewards and benefits of a Facebook page with no marketing budget, you need to stick with it. Post regularly, post good quality content and be sure to ask questions, answer questions and engage with people on your timeline.

If you are looking for q quick fix that will boost your audience, you will find that free options aren’t the best but if you have no budget, you can still develop your audience with Facebook, you just need to be patient and follow our tips.

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