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8 Ways To Maximise YouTube Results

8 ways to maximise youtube results

You should know by now that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world (behind Google) and it is the largest video platform. This means that there are potentially millions of eyes on the site every day, and this means that there is scope for you to draw attention to your videos and then drive traffic towards your videos or website or products.

Of course, while there are millions of people on the YouTube site every day, there are also millions of videos being added all the time. In fact, it is believed that around 35 hours’ worth of video content is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. This means if you want to have people looking at your video, you need to maximise your marketing results. This guide runs you though 8 great ways to maximise your YouTube results.

#1: Make videos that people want to see

You may think that having a viral video smash hit and welcoming thousands, if not millions, of people to your video content sounds great but you don’t need this. You also don’t want this. You want viewers who have an interest in what you offer and you can do this by making videos that are informative, which have value and which are compelling to your clients and customers.

Great examples of compelling videos for a business include:

• How-To videos
• FAQ videos
• Expert interview videos
• Screen video captures
• Slide shows

Many of these video types can be created simply and quickly, helping you to create videos that people want to see.

#2: Ensure people can find your video

Your video should be easily accessible by people on and off YouTube. Search engines have a lot of love for video content and you have a great chance of ranking highly when you use video content. Never forget the fact that YouTube is owned by Google!

Make Video's Findable

There are three key ways in which you can ensure people find your video:

• Title
• Description

• Tags

You should have targeted keywords in the first few words of your title. You can also use a colon after the initial keyword phrase and then add in a different keyword phrase, giving you twice the benefit in your title.

Your description should be as descriptive as possible and it should contain a full URL. Be sure to add in keyword terms and try and think about how people search on YouTube and what they are likely to type in to find content like yours. If you are creating links from your video description, and you should, make sure it leads to a landing page that is relevant to the content in the video. You should also look to add all relevant keyword tags.

#3: Create a brand for your YouTube channel

Branding is important in virtually everything you do in business and your YouTube channel provides you with the chance to create a branded experience at no cost. You want to make your YouTube channel an extension of what you do, your website and your stores so be sure to deck it out in your company colours and livery. A good looking and professional site will help you to look more professional and appearances count for a lot when it comes to standing out for the crowd.

You should avoid the Generic or Default designs because this will impact on how people perceive your business.

You should select “Player View” for your layout and you want to ensure that your featured video has been set to “autoplay”.

You should create playlists and ensure that your best content can be located on the right hand side of the page. You can add any video to your playlist, including videos you didn’t make, but for your business page, you should look to include your best videos, the videos with the most relevance and the videos with the most informative content or even the best offers. Playlists can be centered on a theme so if you have a range of products or services, or even different locations where you sell from, you may find that creating playlists lets you keep relevant content together.

#4: Build subscribers with annotations

Annotations appear on top of your video for a set period of time and you can use to link to videos, playlists, channels and even to allow people to subscribe to your channel. The fact that these annotations offer the chance to provide clickable call to actions makes them invaluable for your video content strategy.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/toqC5Ut3GJA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

#5: Alert your subscribers and friends when you post a bulletin

You will find that there is a tab for Post Bulletin at the top of your channel and if you create a bulletin, you will find that a video link will be placed onto the home page of friends and subscribers. If you are looking to drive additional traffic to your video, this is a great way of increasing the visibility of your content.

#6: Utilise YouTube Ads

YouTube adverts are simple to make and they can capture people’s attention, while providing you with a platform to direct them to other content on YouTube or even a landing page. With a good call-to-action, you will find that YouTube videos offer tremendous value. Like most other ad platforms, you can bid for keywords with YouTube Ads.

#7: Leverage other social media platforms

Although it is a video platform and a search engine, there is also a lot to be said for the fact that YouTube is a social media platform, and it interacts tremendously with other social media platforms. This means when you have a new video, you should tweet about it, you should post on Facebook, you should create a blog post about it, place it on Reddit or StumbleUpon, you can alert your LinkedIn friends about it. Basically, anything you can do to draw attention to your YouTube video will help boost numbers, making your video seem stronger and it increases the chances of people sharing your content, increasing awareness and exposure of your video.

#8: Check YouTube Insights

It is always good to review the statistics for your videos and with YouTube Analytics you can see who has been watching your video and how they found your video. This may provide you with insight about your audience and the way that people are discovering your video. This may provide you with tactics and strategies to use in the future to increase the likelihood of your content being shared. All of these steps can provide you with improved results, helping your video content to stand out in a crowded market place.

YouTube Analytics

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