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8 Steps To Successful Blogging

8 steps to succesful blogging

Having a blog is good for business but there are 8 steps you need to complete to make sure that you will be successful when it comes to blogging.

#1 Do you feel passionate about your subject?

When it comes to creating content that people want to read, you need to be passionate about the subject you write about. If you are unable to summon the passion and fire for your business blog, hire someone that can.
This is even the case for traditional businesses. Readers want to feel as though the content has been created by someone that cares and who knows what they are talking about?

#2 Are you able to be patient?

Do not expect overnight success when blogging. You have to continually create content, you have promote the content, you have to network, you have to engage with other bloggers and posts and you will want to repurpose your content in as many places as possible.

If you build it... they will come doesn't work for blogs!

If you build it… they will come doesn’t work for blogs!

This means that getting your reward from blogging takes hard work and time, but if you are willing to put this time in, you will reap the benefit in the long run.

#3 Can you put your point across clearly?

Don’t use business-speak, don’t be vague and don’t use clichés. When it comes to getting your point across, keep it simple and straight-forward.

#4 Can you be brave?

There may be times when you have to take a stand or state a difficult opinion. Even after you have thoroughly researched a topic, you may find that what you have to say isn’t always popular or will go against the grain in some quarters. As long as you can back up your stance and you are brave enough to defend it, you will find that your blog will grow.

Don't be a chicken blogger!

Don’t be a chicken blogger!

You may also have to fend off questions and criticism from some quarters and again, this requires you to be brave. Can you engage and interact with people that criticise you? Can you engage in a way that isn’t offensive or reactionary? If yes, blogging could well be for you.

#5 Do you know your sector?

Creating great blogs posts, in short periods of time, is a lot easier when you have a good grounding of the industry or niche you want to talk about. If you know your area and have a genuine feel for it, you will find that blog posts come naturally, allowing you to showcase your expertise and offering you a platform to express more expansive opinions.

#6 Can you be helpful?

A great way to develop a positive reputation for your blog is to provide help, assistance and answers. If you are the sort of person that enjoys or tries to help others, you will find that taking this approach with your blog posts will pay off.

Whether you are looking to support people in your local area, your sector or you have general information that can help many people, a blog that is based around helping others will likely find success.

#7 Are you an organised person?

You don’t need to adhere to a clear desk policy or button down your schedule to the smallest detail to post blogs, but having some form of schedule helps you and the blog. This is why being able to schedule posts is of great benefit. If you have spare time, you can stockpile posts and then release then when you are busy or not at work.

Can you be a consistent blogger?

Can you be a consistent blogger?

You should also try and set aside time to review your blog, look for comments or questions and respond to people who engage with you. Having a schedule and posting at regular times will help to make you look professional while ensuring that people know when to look for fresh content from you.

#8 Can you remain focused?

When you create a blog post, it is often best to focus on one topic at a time. You may cover more ground by veering off at regular tangents but this can lose you your audience while also confusing matters with respect to SEO.

It is far better to create one blog post for every thought or idea that you have and if you another idea or thought, create a different blog post. If you are able to link or connect these blog posts, you will find that there are benefits to do so, so remain focused when creating content.

If you are able to answer yes to these questions, then you are in a very healthy position to create blog posts. If you aren’t able to answer yes to all of these questions, these are the areas that you should work on. It is possible for everyone to create great quality blog posts and sometimes knowing your weaknesses is as important as knowing your various strong points.

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