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8 SEO Secrets

8 Awesome SEO Secrets From The Experts

SEO Secrets from 4 leading SEO Experts

SEO can be a mine field, everyone thinks they know the secret to high ranks in the search engines including your Aunty Jane.   Well rather than rely on Aunty Jane’s outdated techniques to rank your website on page 1 of Google, we thought we would get some of the worlds leading experts together.  We have twisted their arms to give us their best techniques that are working right now.

So here are their Best Kept SEO Secrets

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Geoffrey P DoddWhat works in SEO (search engine optimisation) today is your full understanding of the notion of semantic search, as described by David Amerland, author of two titles on the subject, available at Amazon.

“Semantic search” means that Google collects data from multiple data nodes (sources) to form a ‘meaning picture.’ These data sources now include social conversations at Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In, as well as other lesser known social media sites and major forums and more.

You still can build keyword-focused blog posts and pages and normal HTML
web sites, focused around your researched key phrases, related search
terms and synonyms. These will still work up to a point.

Inbound links are still very important for ranking. They can give your page authority and some
measure of reputation, when compared with a competing Web page.

However, you as a brand and a writer will now have a reputation score based
at Google Plus, that is connected with semantic word groups, synonyms, etc.
The point is, the search engines can no longer be ‘gamed’ and manipulated
as they were, back in 1998-2004.

You need to prove your credibility through a more social and transparent process, across many platforms. That is what I
mean by many more data nodes being utilised by the big gorilla, Google machine which now operates on artificial intelligence, and clusters of meanings.

Go ahead with key phrase optimisation. Just don’t build junk links. Write 1,500
words if possible, link out to high authority sites. Provide multi media content,
many images with alt tags and many videos, per page.

~ Geoffrey P Dodd, Web Response Search Engine Optimization ~




Hazel JarrettConnecting with influencers will help you to raise the visibility of your brand and drive more traffic to your website. Getting people talking about your brand on their websites and on social media will have a positive impact on your search engine ranking. These third party recommendations are worth far more than gaining a million links like in the old days of SEO.

Google continually strives to deliver the best and most relevant search results possible. Your bounce rate and time-on-site are the key signals that Google uses to understand the relevance and user experience that your site provides. Therefore, while ensuring that your content is unique, relevant, interesting and answers your customers questions, it’s also essential that your website is mobile-friendly and fast loading with clear navigation and internal linking in order to provide that good user experience that is now essential.

~ Hazel Jarrett, SEO Plus ~




Matt LaClearMobile Devices;

With the massive amount of people using their mobile devices for everything imaginable, factoring mobile SEO into your site design is a must. In the past, mobile friendly sites were often separate from main sites, meaning SEO was a problem for both. Now, there is the option to use a single site, with code that renders the site optimally for different devices. This allows you to focus all your SEO efforts on one site, rather than several.


Many devices and search engines now allow voice-activated search. This might not seem important to SEO, but it is. People phrase queries differently when speaking than when typing, meaning you have to account for this in your SEO. Another consideration is the way search engines collate voice-search results as summaries. This can also drastically affect SEO strategies.

Visualize and Refer;

Google Local Carousel and other visually oriented programs make the map and image presentation of your business more important than ever. Along with customer reviews on sites such as Yelp, this kind of customer attraction should be managed by you, not the vagaries of the Internet. Make sure potential reviewers have a good experience and get attractive images and locations of your business out there.


The importance of markup schema has increased recently, more with every new algorithm. Using SEO rich tid-bits to get important information about your business to search engines is crucial. If nothing else, locations and product types are mandatory.

~ Matt LaClear, Your Ad Squad ~




Stuart MorrisonLooking into the not to distant future it’s my firm belief that conversion optimisation will become a more widespread and accepted part of a web marketers toolkit, ironing out inefficiencies in a funnel is going to be a big part of the whole marketing campaign for smaller businesses. Accessing and using the the technology that allows users to have access to a whole array of tools that can increase their return on investment is going to be a challenge.

The phenomenon of, “all the gear and no idea” is going to be a big problem faced by small business owners. It’s ok having access to the technology but applying it in a meaningful way will be a bigger challenge.

Not just to the business owner but also to less far sighted web developers, PPC and “SEO” experts who will be found wanting when it comes to statistical analysis, behavioural psychology and decision science as well as skills previously associated with sales teams and customer service representatives.

The rise of the Chief Statistical Officer or Chief Conversion Officer is not far away as businesses realise that dominating a niche is going to take more than a few hastily thrown together Adwords campaigns being added to their marketing mix. Real gains can only be made by understanding the fine grain detail in the numbers that Google Analytics abundantly supplies.

This ability to understand and predict human behaviour via statistics, testing and analytics is going to leave many so-called “experts” wanting when it comes to understanding what is really going on as “techies” (mainly men!) are famously associated with low emotional intelligence. Therefore I believe more woman will come into the field of web development, and not just into the design side, as the softer side of human relations will become increasingly more important as adaptive, relational and interactive technology becomes more widespread and invasive in web communications. Is it any wonder Apple made Siri a woman’s voice?

~ Stuart Morrison, Mister Metrics ~

So there you have it, SEO is an ever evolving process that you cannot lay back and expect traffic to flood in as in years gone by.  You have to really work hard to improve your relationship with Google and not game the system as you may have done previously.  Build trust with Google and follow processes that make your customers experience better and you will be rewarded by Google.

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