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7 Free Facebook Tools Marketers Must Use

7 Free Facebook Tools Marketers Must Use

If you’re a marketer, you know the importance of using Facebook to engage your audience but do you know how to capture the attention of the right people? Facebook can be so busy and it is very hard to stand out from the crowd and be seen but with the right tools, you can save time and optimise your marketing efforts on Facebook.

#1 Use Audience Insights to improve your targeting

If you want to know whether you should focus on a specific interest with a Facebook ad, Facebook Audience Insights can provide you with what you need to know.

You should visit Audience Insights and then type in the interest that you are thinking about. After this, select the location tab and you will be provided with a breakdown of the interest target group by location. At this point, ask yourself some questions:


Where do my current clients come from?

Do my current clients match the people listed in the existing interest group?

If you have answered yes both times, are you looking to maintain your growth from these areas? If not, are these areas part of your future plans for expansion? Once you have answered these questions and are happy to proceed, be sure to calculate the estimated audience and work out if it is going to be large enough for you to reach out to.

You can look at a number of areas and rank them to see what the estimated audience size is and if there is sufficient interest for you to pursue this audience.

#2 Use Compass to create an ads report

If you haven’t heard of Compass, it is a tool provided by AdEspresso and this is a great tool that will help you review what is working and what isn’t with your ad campaign. The easy to read report provides you with a number of important metrics, including:

Amount of money spent

Frequency of ads

Number of conversions

There is also a part of the report that will focus on engagement providing information on link clicks and types of conversion. There is also a section breaking down data by aspects like countries, placement, devices, gender and age. The fact that the information is useful is great news but the fact that it is so well presented and easy to read makes this a fantastic tool for Facebook marketing.


Given that AdEspresso has analysed close to $300 million of spend, when you run a Compass report, you will be able to benchmark your performance and scores against all of the other companies who have used it. This makes it a very useful tool if you want to think about where you are with respect to the wider market.

#3 Use Facebook Debugger to refresh link URLS

This tool will inform Facebook that they should take another crawl through the metadata of your webpage. This will provide you with the chance to alter and update how your links look when they are shared on Facebook. If you use WordPress, you can use a plugin like WordPress SEO Yoast to ensure these updates are carried out.

#4 Use Headline Analyzer to improve your headlines

After images, headlines are the most visible aspect in an Amazon news feed, which makes them very important. You don’t need to promise the world with a good headline, you just need to capture attention and make sure that people understand what your offer is about. Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule helps you to do this.

CoSchedule has previously analysed headlines from well-regarded articles and they place a focus on traffic, SEO value and social shares. The Headline Analyzer tool will analyse your headline and then provide you with a score that is benchmarked against findings from CoSchedule.


As well as rating your headline, this tool will provide you with tips on how to improve your headline. This approach aims to break down your headline and it will remind users of how important it is to use emotional and powerful words to engage and connect with an audience. There will also be recommendations based on reducing words or characters to have a greater impact.

#5 Use SumoMe Share to add share buttons


You want people to share their content as freely as possible and the SumoMe’s Share free plugin works on mobile and desktop platforms. It will help you to see which pages have been shared thanks to the plugin and how many clicks pages are receiving.

#6 Use Timeline Contest Tool to run contests

If you use a contest app as opposed to posting to your wall and managing your competition yourself, you will gain on time. It can be difficult and time-consuming to stay on top of a popular competition and this is why using a tool like the Facebook Timeline Contest tool, from AgoraPulse makes sense. There are three contests on offer with this tool:

Photo contests



For a sweepstake it will pick a winner at random, for quizzes it will choose a winner from people who have answered correctly and for a photo contest, it will pick the entry with the most likes or comments.


#7 Use Real-World Facebook Ads for inspiration

While this isn’t really a tool, you will find that AdEspresso have compiled over 500 Facebook ads that will inspire you. If you are looking to copy or replicate the feel of an ad that has worked before, this is a great starting point. Many people struggle for inspiration when creating an ad but the information contained in this guide will give you some great ideas and an effective starting point.

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