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7 Facebook Advertising Myths Debunked

7 facebook advertising myths debunked

With so many people around the world on Facebook, it is understandable that businesses want to be on Facebook, using Facebook advertising campaigns to reach out to their audience. Facebook advertising offers an effective way to reach out to a targeted audience but as with anything, there are a number of myths that have arisen around Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads Are All About Branding

This myth dates back to the early days of Facebook when people weren’t too sure of how to use it or how to get the best from it. Back in those days, only the big brands with a big budget were able to use Facebook advertising to any great degree. As the advertising possibilities evolved, a growing number of users saw it as a way to build a list which could then be targeted. This helped to reposition Facebook ads to something more akin to email lists.


Over time, the organic reach of Facebook posts dropped but it was noted that there was an improvement in a number of areas, including:

• Generating direct sales
• Generating leads
• Encouraging mobile app installations

Recent studies have shown that less than 8% of campaigns are currently used to generate likes, which is a far cry from the initial use of these ads and Facebook engagement.

The Majority Of Facebook Ad Clicks Are Fake

Are there some Facebook ad clicks that are fake? Yes, this is the case with all online advertising activities due to bots and click farms. It is probably even fair to say that there are more fake Facebook ad clicks than there are fake Google ad clicks. However, are there are so many fake Facebook adverts that you should be worried about it? Not really. It is a small percentage and while it is frustrating, if you have a positive ROI, you should keep utilising this style of campaign.

Facebook Ads Are Not Suitable For B2B Products Or Services

Given that Facebook is a social networking site where people engage and connect with each other having fun, it is easy to see why you may think it is no good for businesses that are looking to reach out to other businesses. Of course, businesses are made up of people, and you can engage and interact with people from businesses in an effective manner on Facebook.

You need to make sure that you understand your channel and how you can adapt but reaching out with a solution that businesses have is a great way to make a connection. Offering advice, reports or ebooks can help to generate leads or develop a relationship that will lead to sales in the future.


Facebook Is Forcing Users To Advertise

Yes, Facebook is a major company that is publicly listed and they are looking to make money, and they make money through advertising. The company has a lot of information about people, and businesses want this information and are willing to pay for it.

Many people complain about the reduced impact of organic reach, saying this has been developed deliberately by Facebook to force business to advertise. This is not quite the case. It is an offshoot but the switch to lower the impact of organic reach has been built around providing users with an improved timeline that is full of things that they want to see and read.

CPC Is The Most Effective Way To Bid

It is easy to see why many people and businesses are encouraged to utilise CPC as they start out, it is a simple way to get involved with Facebook advertising, but it is far from being the only way. Think about it, your business needs to make sales to survive, not clicks. Clicks are good, but by themselves they aren’t worth too much.

You would be far better spent studying your conversions or tracking your revenues and then determining what is providing you with improved returns on these elements.

There Is No Point In Advertising In The Right Column

It is not right to make such a blanket assumption and there are numerous examples of right column adverts being of tremendous value and benefit to businesses, and it could be for your business. The only way to really know is to carry out split testing.

There are fewer distractions on the right column which means that you may be able to get your message across in a more effective manner. When looking to engage your audience, you should look to use pictures that have a very strong visual contrast. When users know your brand, engaging them in this manner will ensure that your ad is visible, even if it is not in the most visible place.

Buying Facebook Likes Is Harmless

People should be aware that buying Facebook likes can damage your business but there are still some so called Facebook experts saying that there is no harm in buying Facebook likes to boost the perceived popularity of your page. This is a scam and buying likes in this manner can hurt you.
Having more likes on your page doesn’t really have an impact on how trustworthy your site likes and it won’t have an impact on the amount of sales you make. There is also the fact that Facebook is also very likely to clamp down on this behaviour at some point, which could see your page being punished for having bought likes.

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