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6 Free Photo Editing Apps That Will Boost Your Business

6 Free Photo Editing Apps

When it comes to making your mark on the internet, there is a great deal to be said for images. Research suggests that over 1.8 billion photos are uploaded to the internet every day! This means that there is a lot of photo editing going on and if you want to find out some of the best photo editing apps, available for free, we have 6 of the very best for you.

#1 Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Logo

The fact that Fotor is regularly found in the Top 10 of free apps in the App Store indicates the popularity of this app. Popularity doesn’t always equate to quality but in this case it does and Fotor provides you with a range of editing options, including:

  • Editing your images
  • Make collages
  • Design and share greeting cards

The range of options on offer is great news but the fact that Fotor is really easy to use makes it a great choice. It also allows you to edit a number of photos at once, which has to be seen as a great thing.

#2 Snapseed

snapseed logo

This is available for Android and Apple users and it provides a range of editing options. All of the basic options such as spot repair, tuning, rotating and cropping are on offer and you can select from a good selection of filters. The Stacks option makes it easy to edit multiple photos at the same time as it enables you to copy and apply edits to many photos at once.



This is an app that is very popular amongst professional photographers and it should be considered as one of the more advanced photo editing options. Whether you feel this is too advanced for you remains to be seen but the interface is very easy to use and there is a lot of praise for the effects and filters on offer. With built-in photos to provide you with inspiration, this is an app that is of benefit to serious photographers.

Panorama 360


As the name suggests, this is an app that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic images, in high res and then share them on social media. There are opportunities to add sound, to geo-tag images and to utilise 3d effects, so if you are looking for a photo editing app that is a bit different, this is a great choice.

Photo Lab

photo lab logo

Some of these apps are aimed at serious photographers but Photo Lab is the ideal option for people who want to have some fun. This app comes with over 500 built-in effects, so if you are looking to add elements or airbrush sections out, you will be able to do so quickly and effectively.

Photo Editor by Aviary


This app is ideal for basic editing work, like touch-ups, filters and cropping but you can also add fun stickers and frames to your images. This is a highly rated app that has received praise from the New York Times.