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60 Tips To Avoid Having Your Facebook Advertising Account Banned

60 ways to avoid getting your facebook advertising account banned

 When it comes to having Facebook ads approved, a lot of people seem to have no problems. There are plenty of rules and guidelines to follow when setting up Facebook ads, but if you follow these guidelines, you usually find that there is nothing to worry about people struggling with Facebook. Not all of these stories will be true and not all of these stories will feature people who are entirely blameless, but there are people who are having their Facebook ads rejected and there are even some people who are having their accounts banned.

On the one hand, if you are trying to scam Facebook or you are acting in a shady or unscrupulous manner, you deserve to have your account banned. People pulling off scams make it harder and more difficult for the rest of us, so if you are knowingly engaging in bad behaviour with Facebook marketing, you deserve all of the punishment that is coming to you.

However, there are people who find themselves rejected or banned through no real fault of their own. Some people make mistakes, they aren’t entirely sure of what to do or they have been misinformed from shady people. It is easy to feel a touch of sympathy for people like this, but then again, you need to make sure that you are confident about everything you are doing when advertising on Facebook.
No matter how confident you are about meeting the guidelines for Facebook advertising, it never hurts to receive a reminder. This is why it is of benefit to refresh yourself with some of the important Do’s and Don’t Do’s of Facebook advertising.

General tips for Facebook advertising

1) You need to comply with all of the Platform Policies on Facebook this is an obvious one but most advertisers have never read these policies.
2) All of your page posts and contests must comply with the Page terms again have you read these?
3) You must not post content that is false, fraudulent, misleading or makes a deceptive claim.
4) There should be no management of more than one client or advertiser for every ad account.  Really important for agencies, I know a lot of people do not comply with this rule so make sure you get yourself inline.
5) If you use Custom Audiences, you must meet all of the Custom Audience terms, again another important Facebook document to read.

Data and privacy tips for Facebook advertising

6) You must not share any data from advertising with external sources.  Data protection is top of a lot of peoples minds so Facebook will come down heavy if you practice this.
7) You cannot use advertising data to create or augment any profiles
8) You are able to add data for users but only if they have consented, and you need to follow all laws that are applicable.  No uploading emails or phone numbers without permission.  You can cover this in your site privacy policy.
9) You must never sell data from users, Facebook owns all the user data so you have no right to sell this.

Facebook adverts positioning and creative work

Every aspect of the ad has to be relevant to the product that is being promoted.  This will also save you money, if you send traffic to unrelated products/content you will convert less.
11) You cannot utilise flash animation or audio without a user interacting with your ad.
12) You must not position your ad in a sexually suggestive way.  Being controversial can work when marketing your business. However do not attempt this on Facebook or you will be banned.
13) You must not utilise political agenda for commercial gain.  Some businesses try this around elections, however its better to stay neutral and away from this.  You could alienate your potential customers as well as ticking off Facebook. 
Your advert should utilise proper grammar.  “How now brown cow” rather than “I wud luv you to buy my product coz its wicked”
15) You must use letters, numbers and symbols for their proper meaning.  Again no trickery needed here be on the side of cautious.
16) Your ad should be accurate and offer proper perception with no intention of deception.  Again why deceive in an advert it will reduce your conversion as well as getting you banned from Facebook.
17) Your ad cannot imply personal characters of a user.  Let your customers judge your character rather than implying stuff.
18) Your ad should lead to a landing page that is working and doesn’t prevent the user from exiting the page.  No exit pop up boxes here, while they can help increase conversions they are also annoying to some users.  If Facebook allowed these a lot less people would click on adverts.
19) You must not use over 20% text in your image.  You can learn more about creating Facebook images here.

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20) If you target for alcohol, you must adhere to all relevant laws.  Best to avoid this, do not offer alcohol in competitors etc.
21) If you target for dating, you must adhere to all relevant laws.  Its a tough niche to target on Facebook, if you are in this sector you will need to find a lot more information on best practice than we can offer here.
22) If you target for adult products, you must adhere to all relevant laws.  It makes sense Facebook do not want plastic willies on their newsfeed.
23) The content of your Facebook ad has to comply with all local laws and regulations.  I am sure you know the laws on marketing in your local country so make sure you follow them.
24) The content of your advert has to comply with all regulations and laws.
25) You must not be offensive.  Its not a great way to make friends, so keep it clean and Facebook will love you.
26) You must not spam. Spamming does not work, it will also cost you a fortune so only target people you know who will be interested in your products and services.
27) You must be able to substantiate all of your claims.  Offering to grow their business by 20000000% have you got anything to back this up?
28) You cannot have content that is misleading, deceptive or false.   Offering guides, ebooks, blog content?  It needs to offer good content without any false promises, why damage your reputation and get yourself banned by Facebook?
29) You must not promote products/services/activities that are illegal.  This goes without saying, DO NOT DO IT.
30) You must not violate other people’s rights.  Play nice, why would you want to be a bully on Facebook hardly a way to make money.
31) You cannot have video ads for health products that automatically.
32) You cannot promote dating sites that have an emphasis on hook-ups or sexual activity.  While these might be something you are looking for, its not what your Aunty Jane wants to see in her newsfeed.
33) You cannot promote tobacco, illegal drugs or drugs and tobacco paraphernalia.  I hate smoking so this would cheese me off if I saw this in my newsfeed.
34) Online gambling adverts are only allowed in certain countries and need to be approved by Facebook.  They seem to get approved in the UK, as on the Grand National my feed was full of gambling sites.  However check your region to see if you can get these approved.
35) You cannot promote prescription drugs.  Ahhhhhh sometimes I read my Facebook newsfeed and it gives me a headache! I could do with a headache tablet but its a NO NO on Facebook advertising.
36) Facebook generally prohibits the promotion of online pharmacies.  Go figure there are some dodgy outfits doing this so lets not let them into our Facebook eco system.
37) You must not link to malware or spyware. Great no viruses is a good thing, not sure why you would advertise to these but if you are thinking about it DONT.
38) You must not provide an unfair, deceptive or unexpected experience for the user.  Be nice people why deceive when you can offer a good service.
39) You must not utilise software that carries out activities that are hidden to the user.
40) You must not offer automatic downloads.  The user has to be given the option to download your ebook, software etc.
41) You must not utilise surprise download dialog boxes.  This will really put off a user and mean they are less likely to click on Facebook adverts in future.
42) If you are running an advert for a subscription service, you must follow strict rules.  It has to be clear that the costs are recurring.
43) You must not promote MLM (or similar) business models.  Multi Level Marketing business models can be a pain and people often use dodgy tactics to promote them hence being banned from Facebook.
44) You must not promote weapons or weapon-related items.  No guns people, no chains etc, if you want to be bruce lee you will have to buy your weapons from a shop.
45) Herbal or dietary supplements can only be advertised if the ingredients meet the safe ingredients of Facebook.  Another industry where people sell products that destroy lives so they don’t want their pages filled with these products.

Facebook advert community standards

46) If your advert receives a lot of negative feedback, it may be removed.  Following the above should stop this happening.
47) If Facebook considers your advert to be in violation of their community standards, you may have little comeback.  So read all the above, read their terms so you know exactly what they expect.
48) You must not insult or bully other users.  This goes without saying but I have seen brands do this, it escalates quickly if you do this users will turn on your company.
49) You must not impersonate other people.  Be yourself end of.
50) You must not promote to minors in a way that may be considered inappropriate.  I hope if you are reading this you would not consider this its really not cool.
51)  You must not promote hate speech.  Keep your opinions to yourself, your private Facebook page is for your opinions but they also should not include hate speech.
52) You must not promote proactive content or utilise sexual or nude content.  No nudes here please, there are plenty of places you can get your smut fill without filling up Facebook with anymore.
53) You must not promote excessively violent content.  I have seen lots of violent content on Facebook, they are working hard to reduce this.  So if you are posting this kind of stuff you will get banned.
54) You must not promote shocking or sensational content.  Its not the Howard Stern Show in here so keep your content a bit more vanilla.

Referencing Facebook with ads

55) You must not imply a partnership or endorsement from Facebook. I have seen other Marketing Geniuses imply they are in with Facebook, the truth is they are lying.
56) Check the Brand Usage Guidelines for use of Facebook marks.  Start using their trademarks without approval and you will quickly get in trouble.

The rights of others

57) You must not infringe on the rights of others.  Again be nice.
58) You must not break trademark laws.  You cannot use other peoples trademarks outside Facebook so why should you use them inside Facebook?
59) You must not break copyright laws.  I see this a lot, people steal images people have spent thousands to acquire and just use them on Facebook.  Its not fair people you should always buy images to use on your posts and adverts.
60) You must not interfere with people’s privacy.  Goes without saying.

It is important to remember that Facebook reserve the right to remove, reject or approve any advert for any particular reason.


This is something that Facebook has sole discretion over and if they believe any advert negatively impacts on their user relationships or that an advert promotes services, products or content that stands in contrast to Facebook’s interests or philosophies, they can remove or reject an ad.

If you are looking to use Facebook for ads, learn the rules and stick to them. However, you should also use common sense and your best judgment above and beyond these rules because sometimes advertisers find that their ads are being rejected, and their accounts banned, for things which are not currently outlawed in the Facebook Guidelines. The Facebook Guidelines are continually evolving, and if you are worried about an advert, you are advised to proceed with caution.

Facebook reserves the right to reject, approve or remove any ad for any reason, in their sole discretion, including ads that negatively affect their relationship with users or that promote content, services, or activities, contrary to their competitive position, interests, or advertising philosophy. These guidelines are subject to change at any time.

Play within these guidelines and you should be safe.

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