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5 YouTube Analytics Optimisation Secrets

5 youtube analytics secrets

5 YouTube Search Analytics Secrets Explained

While many of us find analytical work and analytics to be a bit dull, there is a lot to be said for the benefits that can come from using analytics. You need to remember that the use of analytics can help you make money, improve your bottom line and provide your customers with a higher standard of service. These are all things that you should be aiming for and with YouTube Analytics; you have an improved chance of achieving all of these outcomes.

YouTube Analytics provides you with the chance to gain insight into your audience and you’ll find that you can understand a great deal about what interests your users. You will also find that the data contained in YouTube Analytics can help you to:

•    Understand your website traffic
•    Improve lead generation
•    Make more sales

These are things that every business should be looking for and utilising YouTube and the analytical information provided will improve your chances of achieving success.

Where do I find YouTube Channel Analytics?

You should click on “Creator Studio”, which is located in the top right hand corner and then you should scroll down until you find annotations. Here you will find a range of metrics and the key things you should focus on will be detailed in the remainder of this guide.

1. Using YouTube Analytics to set up the ideal marketing message

You may think that you know your audience and who watches your videos but you may be surprised at who actually clicks and watches your video content. Knowing who your audience is will help you to create content and marketing messages that are ideally suited to your audience. You should click on the demographics tab, which will provide you with the location and age group of people watching your videos. Once you know who is watching your video, you can tailor the message to speak directly to the audience.

YouTube Demographics
An example can come with a firm that sells products aimed at teenagers. It may be that the audience is the teenager themselves, or it could be that your audience is the parents of the teenagers, who are looking for information on products they will buy for their children. While the end user of the product is the same, there are two very different audiences you could reach out.

If you were speaking to the teenagers, the end user, you could provide advice on how to use the product or on the fun aspect of the product. If your audience is the parent group, you would want to talk about value for money, safety and any educational or developmental benefits offered by your product. Making a minor switch to the message of your content could make a massive difference in connecting with the audience for your video content.

2. Using YouTube Analytics to rank higher in search engines

You may think that your audience loves your video content and that they are fully engaged with what you create but you may be surprised at how often viewers click away before your video is finished. The important metric to look out for with this video is the Retention Rate, which will provide you with the average watch time for each video.

Audience Retention

It is important to have a strong retention rate as this is something that Google looks at. The higher your retention rate, the higher the search rankings. As a quick guide, if you have an average audience retention rate that stands at 25% or less, you should be looking to make your videos shorter. Having a shorter video length increases the likelihood of people watching your content for a relatively longer period of time.

You need to think about your audience and then you need to look for ways to create content that your audience is looking for. Knowing who watches your videos, which you now know how to do after the first step, provides you with the chance to research your audience. Once you know what your audience is looking for, you should be looking to create content that delivers this information and does so in a snappy and interesting manner.

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3. Use YouTube Analytics To Drive Traffic To Your Site

When it comes to operating as a business, you should be looking to drive traffic and generate leads, which will ultimately lead to sales. The aim is to convert as many views into leads as possible and the way you do this is through the use of YouTube Annotations.

YouTube Analytics provide you with the spikes and dips for your video content. This means you can pinpoint the time period when engagement is at its highest and you will find the point where the majority of viewers click away from your video. The trick is to find the spot where people stop watching your video, and then provide an annotation pointing to your website at a point 10 seconds before the exit point.

You can add an “associated website” annotation to your video just before the dip takes place. Be sure to provide a clear Call-To-Action to encourage users to click on the link and visit your site.  This tactic should provide you with a notable increase in traffic towards your site.

4. Use YouTube Analytics To Improve The Conversion of Annotation

One of the most effective features with analytics is the “Click Through Rates” feature for your annotations. You can find out which annotations connect with your audience and which don’t. Once you are inside of Annotation Analytics, there is an opportunity to track the CTR for each annotation that you have. In adjusting the time of the annotations, you will be able to track and measure the success or failure of conversion at any particular point.

You can also change the copy for your annotations and then measure any difference that occurs. It is important to test your marketing activities but always remember to only change one thing at a time. This means if you change the time of your annotation, do not change the copy. If you change the content of the annotation, do not change the time.

5. Use YouTube Analytics To Obtain Data For Paid Advertising

By looking at your videos and finding out which ones are the most popular with the highest number of views, you will find which videos and what sort of content engages with your audience. This allows you to know adverts work for your audience, allowing you to roll out more effective adverts and video content on the different advertising platforms you can use. With YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all providing highly effective ways to advertise your business, this can help you to get a better return from all of your advertising activities.

Analytics provide information on the people watching your video, including:

•    The countries people are watching in
•    The gender of the viewers
•    The age groups of the viewers

If there is one particular group watching your video content, you can then tailor your adverts to tie in with the audience that is listed in your Analytics.


This information is useful for the video content you create in YouTube but you will also find that it provides you with an improved level of insight into your customers for your business. This means that you can put this information to good use away from YouTube. Whether you use this to improve your promotional activities on your own website, on other social media platforms or offline, you should find that you can connect to your audience in a more effective manner. This will hopefully help you to make drive traffic towards your business, generate leads and then improve your sales.

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