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5 Ways The Top Brands Ensure Users Don’t Skip Their YouTube Ads


As a viewer, the skip button on the YouTube TrueView adverts can be of benefit but if you are looking to share content with users, you may find it quite annoying. The skip button presents a challenge but it is one that many companies are brands are rising to, and it is possible to develop content that ensures people don’t click that skip button.

It seems as though more and more brands are creating content that people want to see and that more consumers are watching these videos and content. When you look at the YouTube Ads leader board, viewers watched over 1 billion minutes of content from the Top 10 videos. This is more than double the level of views than the same time frame two years ago. Many consider this to be a new era of advertising, a golden era of the market, and it is fair to say that YouTube is at the heart of it all.

If you are looking to make a mark on YouTube, you need to ask what the popular brands are doing right. There are five key themes that are found amongst the biggest brands that are grabbing attention and you should follow these steps if you want to reach out to an audience.

#1 Go From 30 Seconds To 3 Minutes

In the world of advertising, the shorter the better is usually the maxim and on TV, good quality adverts are clocking in at around 15 to 30 seconds. This means that many YouTube video makers are looking to create ad content at around 30 seconds, and there is evidence to suggest that this is a suitable length of time.

However, for the Ads Leader board in 2014, the Top 10 videos had an average length of three minutes. The top ranked video, “Winner Stays” from Nike, lasted for 4 minutes and 12 seconds, and it has over 100 million views. This means that brands have a chance to tell a story and connect with content that is around five times the length of a traditional TV ad.


Why Create One Moment When You Can Create Many Moments

Brands have long since used major cultural events to link with their audience, but nowadays in the digital era, there are almost countless opportunities to make a connection. There is a big window for fans to engage and content created for the Super Bowl and the World Cup in 2014 has picked up over 14 million hours of viewing time. Given that viewers enjoyed three quarters of this content before and after the events, brands have more opportunities to connect and engage with their audience and video content that is always available to view helps to create this engagement. The use of social media and hashtags can also keep people coming to your content even outside of the main events.

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It Is Possible To Define The Modern Social Norms

It used to be that adverts would take their lead from social norms and standard convention but in the digital era, there is an argument that it is adverts that are challenging the former norms and helping to create new standards on the way that we live. A great example was found in the Always video of 2014 which contained the phrase “Like A Girl”. In its first 30 days, it picked up 300,000 likes, comments and shares, helping it to push beyond 60 million views in its opening month.

If you have video content that engages your audience and appeals to the passions and difficulties that people have in life, they will share the content, they will comment and engage and they may even rally to the message and back or start a movement behind it.

Moving From Telling A Story To Building A Story

It is important to have a number of videos on YouTube but you should think that every video needs to have its own new story and concept. There is a lot to be said for developing a storyline across a number of videos, with one great example being the “Baby & Me” videos created by Evian back in 2014. These videos were a huge success and trended on YouTube for close to the full year. In 2014, the company followed up their theme with a Spider-Man themed storyline, which not only brought in many views of the new videos, it helped to direct people back to the previous content too.

If you can create a storyline that people flock back to, you are on to a winner, so think of a series of videos that builds your storyline little by little as opposed to thinking of lots of different videos and stories.

Brands Don’t Have To Do The Work All By Themselves

One of the things about the internet is that there are so many people and sites looking to tap into what is happening and what is hot at the moment. When you have creators being recognised for the high quality of content that they showcase and direct people towards, it makes sense for brands to work with these sites, with Buzzfeed being a great example.

Buzzfeed has actually created a great buzz of content and they worked closely with Purina Friskies to create the “Dear Kitten” video, content which is regarded to one of the best cat videos of all time. When you think of the level of competition involved, this is a major achievement.

The introduction of the skip ad button provided users with the opportunity to take control of what they watch but brands have risen to the challenge. There is a skill and craft in creating great content that people want to see and the best brands are continually working on new ways that will ensure people don’t skip, instead they wait around to see what is on offer.

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