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5-steps to Ground-Breaking Facebook Ads for Only £7 a Day!

5-steps to Ground-Breaking Facebook Ads for Only £7 a Day!


Using Facebook Ads is potentially a fantastic advantage to your Marketing and Advertising seeking to build traffic to your to your site. However, you can waste so much money and time on it if you are not aware of what you’re doing.

We’re going to give you 5-Steps to making the Absolutely Best out of your Facebook Ads – and with only £7 a day.

1: Objectives: Choose the Right Goal.


Facebook allows you to effectively map out where your trying to reach. Before you first Create an Advert you’ll be asked what the Objective or Goal it is you seeking during the campaign. Options such as ‘Get Video Views’, ‘Increase Conversions on the Website’, ‘Promote Page’ etc.

The Objective you choose here is important, and whilst your ultimate goal is to sell your product or service, many users of Facebook won’t be buying. Considering a different Objective that can help you in the long-term (getting sign-ups to your email or getting Likes for Page).

2: Promoting RATHER than Boosting.


The ‘Boost Post’ option is a quick-and-easy method of growing reach of your posts to your fan-base and those beyond it but it lacks finesse; it’s just a general push of wind in any given direction.

Promoting your Posts with Facebook Ad Manager will broaden your options with your targeting and make the budget of £7 a day go further.

3: Customise to Find your Customers.


Friends deal with Friends. An age-old sentiment, and it’s one that you need to appreciate; No-One Will Buy Your Products Or Take You Up On Your Offers if They Don’t Know You. There really is no profit in chasing strangers. Luckily you can target your ads by creating a Custom Audience.

You can upload your Customer data to be included in your ads – be it email addresses, phone numbers and Facebook User IDs – and can even keep-track of those who visited previously.

4: Vary up your Ads and Avoid Fading Away.

As Good As Spending £7 a Day For Your Facebook Ads Is, You’re Going To Need To Work Double-Hard to Make Sure That You Leave A Lasting Impression on your audience. People can get tired of an ad and start to ignore it; causing you to fade into the background. Speaking of background …

Along with varying the copy your using you should change the Graphics you’re using to keep attention up. Whilst this doesn’t need to be done every single day; implementing variety will enhance the longevity of your advertisements.

If you want the means to rapidly cut to the best of your marketing , then give this a read;  The Razor-Sharp Facebook Split-Test Strategy

5: Do not Promote Directly!


Again, the majority of Facebook Users aren’t looking to buy things when the use the site. You should not assume that advertising your product directly through your posts is a good idea. Take a step back and consider how much content yours will be up against on a average Facebook page or Newsfeed. Like we said earlier, you can fade out into the background and be lost; especially if it isn’t engaging and only focusing on a sale.

You Must Build A Rapport With Your Prospective Customers!

The general behaviour of Facebook users is to breeze over things – Liking or Clicking through a Link to your website/page – rather than immediately committing to purchasing a product they’ve only seen for 20-seconds. Advertisements should build-up a potential customers relationship with you and your brand and not throw a sale at them.

A good way to go about this is a Free Offer that presents something of Value at Low-Risk to your potential lead. That let’s them know what your about and the quality of your service in a totally noncommittal manner That Will Draw Them Into Your Larger Sales Funnel.

Employing the 5-Steps above can really help you Break New Ground in terms of how effective your Facebook Ads are – at the very Bare Minimum of Cost.

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