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5 Simple Tips To Gain Conversions From YouTube

5 tips for more youtube conversions

It would be fair to say that many people do not fully understand or comprehend the benefits that come from using YouTube. Yes, YouTube can be of benefit when it comes to building your brand, but it is important to know that YouTube adverts can be cost-effective ways to convert. If you are looking to generate leads or drive sales, advertising on YouTube is a great way to do so and it should be part of your marketing mix strategies.

There is a broad selection of advertising options with YouTube and most people utilise TrueView In-Search and In-Display Video ads. Both of these are considered to be of value for conversions and when utilised in a correct manner, they can bring about a good return on the money you spend on advertising. One strong point about these ads is that they are easy to create but with a few tweaks, you will find that they can provide you with increased benefits.

The rest of this guide will focus on simple tips that will help you to benefit from YouTube ad campaigns.

#1 You Need To Pick The Right Video

The length of your video will play a big part in the success or failure of the campaign. It has been found that 30 second videos work best for YouTube In-Stream adverts and longer videos are of benefit for TrueView In-Search and In-Display Video adverts.

Longer videos are able to succeed and convert, but they need to be engaging and of good quality. It is often simpler to create a shorter video with engaging content than to create a longer one. You should try different lengths and scrips and the YouTube Insight statistics will provide you with information regarding drop off times, so you can tailor your adverts to have the best impact.

#2 Ensure Your Channel Page Is Optimised

Once you have videos on your page, you need to focus on the channel page itself. You should be looking to provide users with information about yourself and your brand, while you should also be looking to provide links to social media sites and the main landing pages on your site. You should also look to provide videos that are linked or related to what you do and what you already have.

When you have a channel page, there is no benefit in being modest. This is your opportunity to tell people what you can provide and the benefits that you offer. You also need to make sure that the information provided is of value to the user. People on YouTube are interested in what is available for them and what impact it will have for them, so make sure that you reach out to people in the correct manner.

The most important for converting from YouTube comes with the Clickable Channel Banner. This provides you with the chance to increase clicks on your site and provide a strong call to action without spending any money. A good banner means that people who don’t even engage with your video content have a chance to connect with you.

#3 Choose The Right Keywords

The importance of keywords is nothing new but when you take on board the fact that YouTube is well placed in the sales funnel, utilising keywords that are linked to the discovery stage will help you to engage more effectively. You should be looking to opt for broad keyword terms and shorter phrases. You will find that the CPVs available on YouTube are normally more affordable than CPCs so you should find that utilising keywords on YouTube isn’t too expensive.

It is bets to use the YouTube keyword tool as opposed to AdWords or utilising keyword results from previous searches you have undertaken. Opting to use the keywords that have been proven to work in the YouTube environment makes sense and should give you an advantage over users who don’t follow this approach.

#4 Make Your Ads Effective

This should be a tip that doesn’t have to be said but you’d be surprised at how many YouTube ads there are that just aren’t effective. You should focus on the two key features that have a big impact on the CTR and the rate of conversion.

Here’s How To Add Thumbnails To Your YouTube Videos:

In order to improve on the CTR, you want to test the thumbnail images that AdWords provide when you create an ad. Don’t be surprised if a simple change brings in a lot more clicks, even when everything else stays the same.

You should also look to set up your video so that the video plays on the channel page rather than the watch page. This is because this ensures that your channel banner, including the call to action you included, is seen and it will also help to improve awareness of your brand.

#5 Utilise Annotations In The Correct Manner

Annotations are still a great way to provide additional information or commentary on your content. The fact that annotations are flexible and can be dropped in and out wherever you want is of considerable benefit.

You really want to have a call to action that links to your site during key moments in the video. You should also be looking to place clickable links in the last few seconds on YouTube. This will help to keep people engaged with what you offer, and many people have found success by editing their video, extending the video and adding a link at the end of the content. Using a white background and then placing an annotated layer is a simple and effective way to drive traffic to your site.

It is important to remember that the YouTube community is one where trust is important, like many social media sites. You should look to respond to comments and create engagement by asking questions. If you are placing your brand in front of an audience, it is important that you respond and react to people asking about your brand. It can be handy to allocate time every day to review your YouTube Insights and to respond to any users’ comments.

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