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5 Ninja YouTube SEO Tactics That Drive Traffic To Your Videos And Site

5 ninja youtube tactics


The fact that YouTube welcome so many users and visitors to its site on a daily basis is brilliant for business, because you want to be seen where people are. However, it is important to remember that YouTube is extremely crowded and it gets busier all the time. It is believed that around 300 hours of video content are placed on YouTube every single minute of the day. With this level of competition, can you genuinely get people to watch your video content as opposed to other people’s content?

It is important to remember that clearly video content is being watched and with a bit of effort, you can increase the likelihood that it is your content that is being viewed, not other people’s content. Taking the time to optimise your video content with respect to SEO will help you to draw traffic.

This infographic by Tag SEO sums them up quite nicely:

YouTube Ranking

It is important to familiarised yourself with the algorithm utilised by YouTube and there are many different signals that the site takes into consideration when ranking videos and suggesting videos to their users. The following elements are all key factors:

•    Title
•    Keyword Relevance
•    Trust
•    Authority
•    Channel Strength
•    Number of views
•    Sharing
•    Reaction
•    Audience retention
•    Likes / dislikes

#1 Create Lengthy Video Descriptions

We are not yet at the stage where YouTube or Google are watching or listening to your content to determine what it is about (although some experts will believe that it will come sooner rather than later), so you can benefit by providing a lot of information about your videos in the description.

Short Description

The more information that YouTube has about your video, the more it knows, and the more confident it will be in ranking your video for target keywords. You should also be aware that YouTube uses the keywords used in your description for ranking long tail keywords.

You should look to ensure that your video descriptions last for at least 200 words.

Long Description

#2 Optimise For “Video Keywords”

While ranking on YouTube is important and of benefit, you should be looking to rank on YouTube and Google. There are some keyword terms and phrases that are better suited to videos or will be used by people looking for video content. Keyword terms like “funny dog” or “cute pets” will be used by people looking for images or video content as opposed to lengthy articles. This means that if you have video content along these lines, using keyword content will help you to rank in the video returns on Google.

You should check to see if there are video results on the first page of Google that would be relevant to your content. If yes, you should look to use keywords that will see you ranked on Google for video content.

Video Keywords

#3 Obtain Views From Online Communities

You will find that groups on LinkedIn or Quora can provide you with great traffic for your video content. These groups don’t want to be bombarded with links to sites and promotional material, but they do seem to appreciate relevant and focused video content. YouTube places a great deal of importance on getting viewers from targeted communities because this provides a degree of quality and quantity when it comes to video views.

Community Link Drop

One good way to create content that people in groups will watch is to find the questions that people in these communities have, and then create video content which provides the answer to these questions.

If you can create content that is of value and benefit to people in online communities, you will find that you will receive quantity and quality of views, and hopefully a high level of retention. These are things that YouTube is looking for and you will reap the reward if you can develop an audience from these groups.

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facebook advertising swipe file

#4 Encourages Users To Link And Subscribe

If YouTube finds that people like watching your video content, you can expect it to soar in the ratings when people search for similar videos. Two ways that YouTube looks to determine the user experience can be found with subscriptions and likes. If someone watches a video of yours and then subscribes to see further content, they send a message to YouTube that your content is of great value and benefit. Likes are not as important as subscriptions but they can still play a role in helping YouTube realise that you offer quality.

(Skip at 4:55 to see how it’s done)

In this situation, it is best to ask for likes and subscriptions. You should create a call to action at the end of your video content that asks people to subscribe, like and comment on your videos.

#5 Set Up Playlists That Are Keyword Focused

If you can create your video content in organised bundles and packages, it is easier for viewers to find related content and it makes it easier for YouTube to see that you provide a focused and high quality service. One way to do this is to create playlists on certain topics and making sure that there is a keyword focus on these playlists. As soon as you have 10 videos on your channel, you should be looking to create playlists that have a notable and tight theme.

Creating Playlists

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