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5 Must Know YouTube Features For Marketers

5 must know youtube features for marketers

Social media marketing should be an integral part of your business these days, but do you consider YouTube as part of your social media marketing? You really should and you will find that there are a number of features on offer in YouTube that will help you improve your content and to reach out to a wider audience.

In this guide you will find ways to increase the length of time that a viewer watches your content for, ways to increase the number of subscribers you have and ways in which you can increase the level of traffic to your site.

#1 Audio Library

Think about the videos that you have watched on YouTube and try to recall what sticks in your mind the most. It would be fair to say that the music is a memorable part of YouTube videos and the soundtrack to your video can help to create an emotional bond with your audience. The right musical accompaniment will help to create an emotional bond with your audience while the wrong sort of track can kill the mood in seconds.

If you have a limited budget, creating the right sort of soundtrack can be very difficult but you will find that the YouTube Audio Library will make life easier for you.

You will find the YouTube Audio Library in the Creation Tools menu which is in the Video Manager part of your YouTube account. You can filter your list by:

•    Musical genre
•    Mood
•    Instrument
•    Duration

Audio Library

You then have the chance to preview the song and after this, all you need to do is the click on the download icon when you find the song that you want.

There are more than 150 royalty-free songs, all with an instrumental backing track, to choose from. Royalty free music allows you to make a bigger impact with your video without compromising on your video content by using licenced material.

#2 Fan Finder

The YouTube Fan Finder feature gives you free advertising space on YouTube which is aimed at people who are more likely to have an interest in your content. This has to be seen as something which is of benefit to users and you should be looking to use this feature to find new followers.

The Fan Finder features allows you to submit up to 5 adverts, classed as “channel ads” that will be used to reach out to people that YouTube believes will appreciate what you offer. These “channel ads” should be short, to the point, showcase your brand in an effective manner and which will encourage users to clock on a link and see what you have to offer.

First of all, upload a channel ad in the way that you would do with a standard video and then submit the video to be reviewed with the Fan Finder page. This feature is found in the Channel Settings menu, in the Video Manager section. Once you are in this area of YouTube, you should hit the Select Your Channel Ad button and then select the video that you want to use.

Your ad, or ads, will remain in the queue until it has been approved. You are advised to keep these videos short, engaging and your videos should contain the same branding throughout. You should look to get across what your channel offers and there should be a clear Call-To-Action with your content.

You really want to grab attention in the first five seconds because this is when people have the chance to skip the rest of your advert.

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#3 Associated Website Annotations

While it is well known that you can place a link to your website in the description area of your YouTube video, did you know that you can also create a clickable link that is displayed within the video player?
You will need to verify your website, which you can do by checking out

Then you have to place your website as an associated website within Google Webmaster Tools, and then there is a second verification process to prove you own your domain. Once this stage has been completed, you can link your site to your YouTube account.

You should now check out the Channel Settings menu of your Video Manager page and look for the Advanced section. You should add the URL of your site next to the Associated website and if this has been carried out correctly, you will see a green circle, indicating success, beside the Associated Website box.

This allows you to place a clickable link to this URL within videos on your channel. Select any style of annotation, ensure it is properly marked as an associated website and then place your website URL into the box that will be provided.

#4 InVideo Programming

Once you have people watching your videos, you want to make sure that they keep watching. You can do this by providing strong content that engages users and which showcases your brand identity. InVideo Programming, which was introduced back in October of 2012, is an excellent way to reinforce your branding and increase viewership. The feature allows you to embed a thumbnail of your logo or video, which can be clicked, across all of the videos on the YouTube channel.

To do this, you should head to the Video Manager page and select InVideo Programming. This allows you to upload a watermark which will be displayed over any or all videos that you want to present to viewers. When using a Watermark, it is recommended that you utilise a transparent image with just one the colour. While you can have an image or logo, you can also provide a Call-To-Action or provide people with a reason to click through to your site. You can also set up your own InVideo channel icon to develop your brand and increase awareness of what you offer.

#5 YouTube Live Events

While Google+ Hangouts on Air have offered live streaming capabilities on the YouTube platform for a while, a new service has been introduced called YouTube Live Events. All users with verified accounts and who haven’t suffered a strike were provided with the service at the tail end of 2014.

The YouTube Live Events feature offers a greater range of features than Google+ Hangouts, and there is a chance to create a more professional outlook with the YouTube Live Events feature.

It is possible to schedule live events, but you can also use multiple cameras and you can also opt for your own choice of encoder, including the Wirecast program from YouTube. There is a free version of Wirecast which offers:

•    Basic switching
•    Transitions
•    Picture-in-picture
•    Live closed captions

It is also possible to observe real-time data including the average length of time that people watch for and the number of concurrent streams.

There are currently three versions of Wirecast to choose from:

•    Play – which is the free option
•    Studio – currently priced at $199
•    Pro – currently priced at $549

Wirecast seems to have stoped its free Play plan at this time, an alternative solution is

They have a guide to setting up here.

To set up live Events, you should visit Video Manager and underneath the Channel Settings section, click on Features. You should now switch the Live Events on. If you are looking to schedule and run a live broadcast, go to the Video Manager section, choose the Live Events from the left-hand menu and then follow the instructions.

You should find that initiating and running your broadcast is similar to posting a video. If you are looking to take advantage of all of the features, be sure to check on Custom for the Type of Broadcast you want.


You should find that making small changes to how you use YouTube, with these options in mind, will help to make a significant difference to the benefits you receive from your marketing and content strategy. With a range of tools to choose from, you have plenty of options and you should find that you can implement a number of changes.

If you are looking to review and analyse the outcome after you make changes, it is probably best to make one change at a time and then review the impact of these changes as opposed to making numerous changes at one time.

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