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21 SEO Tips That Anyone Could Use

21 seo tips you need to know

When it comes to utilising good SEO, it is easy to see why some people get concerned or worried about not having the technical know-how to do the job correctly. There are some SEO tricks and strategies that need a bit of technical knowledge, but thankfully, there are plenty of SEO tips that anyone can use.

Here are 21 SEO tips that you can use to boost your website, even if you lack confidence in using a computer.

1. Always make sure that you use text links somewhere on your page, as this will allow spiders to follow.

2. Always remember that CONTENT IS KING, and you need to have unique, fresh and relevant content that places a focus on your main keyword phrase.

Here’s why content is so important;

3. Don’t forget about links, and you need to make sure that you have a range of quality backlinks.  As a rule of thumb, if there is no real reason why a site should be linking to you, you don’t want to have the link.

Here’s how to get quality backlinks;

4. PageRank is relative, but it isn’t the be all and end all. There are many instances of a page with a lower PR outranking a page with a higher PR so don’t fixate on PageRank.  Google has also said it may not update the Page Rank of sites in future. So do look for high Page rank sites but remember Google is not updating this as often as before.

You must have a unique title tag on every page, and if you are looking to include your business name, only do so at the end of the title tag.

6. Adding fresh content will boost your rankings and will entice readers back on a regular basis. Look at Rocket Marketing Hub as an example, we update our blog at least twice a week.  We use different types of content, guides, video, tutorials and much more. This gives our readers value which will be seen as a good signal to Google.

7. Make sure that links to your site and links on your site utilise a keyword term or phrase. Whenever you can, use a keyword phrase as opposed to “click here”. But also mix these up, its dangerous to link with exact match keywords all the time as Google will see you are trying to improve your ranks.  So use your brand name and lots of variations of the keyword you wish to rank for.

8. You should look to put a location in your text to help you be found in local searches and you should place a focus on search phrases, not just a single keyword.

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9. When designing your site, make sure that SEO is at the front of your thoughts. Always bear in mind that Spiders are able to crawl text, but they cannot crawl Flash. If you want fancy moving images or an intro the best thing to use now is HTML 5.

10. You should look to use keywords and keyword phrases in text links, your domain name and even image ALT attributes.

11. Be on the lookout for canonicalization uses, with www and non-www domains. You should look to ensure that whatever your preference is, the other one should point to it.

12. Examine the links on your site point to your home page and whether you have index.html appended on to the domain of your site? If this is the case, you are splitting your links.

13. For the best SEO results, do not use Frames and avoid AJAX and Flash as best as you can, because when you use these, you cannot link to a single page.

14. Don’t worry about URL File extensions for SEO because whether you use .php, .asp, .htm or .html, there is no difference for SEO.

If you are looking to have your site spidered, the traditional way of submitting to Google can take a good few weeks. You will find that a quicker way to have your site spidered is to obtain a link from a reputable website.

16. Having a blog is a great way to keep your site and ensuring it updates regularly, allowing spiders to search on a regular basis. It makes sense to blog a minimum of 3 times a week as the fresh content will be attractive to spiders.

17. Quality, not quantity, is always the watchword when it comes to link building. One link from a highly respected site will do more for you than a dozen links from poor sites. In fact, the dozen links from a poor site may actually harm your SEO rankings.

Watch this video and learn about how Google Penguin impacts ranks.

Do not stuff your content with keywords and always look to use language in its most natural form.

19. The text that sits around your link should also relate to your keyword, which means that you should look to surround your link with text that is descriptive.

20. Be sure to carry out a blacklist check if you use a shared server, as this will help to ensure that you don’t share a proxy with a banned site or spammer. It may be that their negative reputation could impact on yours if you do share a server.

21. If you utilise services that block information regarding who owns the domain, you may be viewed by Google as a potential spammer, which will harm your rankings.

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