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15 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

15 email marketing tips for small businesses

If you are a small business, you need to use every tactic and strategy that you can to achieve business success. Email marketing is an integral part of business activities and these email marketing tips will help you to develop and grow your business.

Make subscription as easy as possible

You want people to sign up for your list so make it as easy to do so as possible. You should have a sign up form on your Facebook page, your blog and wherever you have customers and fans. A name and an email address is all you really need and with respect to a subscription form, the simpler the better.


Tell your subscribers what they should expect

Tell people what they are letting themselves in for. Let them know if you will send out letters from the company CEO, deals, tips, sales or information. You should also let people how often you will email them. You want to provide people with as much information about your list as possible and you should stick to what you say you will offer.


Provide a welcome email

You want to welcome people to your list so set up an automated welcome letter that provides people with a warm welcome and maybe even an offer or exclusive content. You want to thank people for their loyalty and make them feel happy that they have signed up to your email list.


Have an email newsletter that matches your brand

You should have a business brand and tone, and everything that you do should adhere to this brand and tone. This includes your email newsletter so make sure that you send out emails with your company colours, branding and the tone of message that people associate with your brand.


Make it easy to read

People are busy and they receive a lot of emails. You want to make sure that people can read your emails quickly, on the device of their choosing. Don’t have a lengthy block of text, split your content into short paragraphs and use short sentences. You should also use images and subheadings to break up your content and provide information. If you are sending a lengthy article, consider using a read more link to allow people to read in a more convenient or comfortable format.

Give people what they want

If people are signing up for an email list, they clearly want something and it is vital that you know what they want. This means that you should segment your list and then focus on meeting the needs and expectations of these different segments. When you understand your different customers and their needs, you will find it is much easier to provide them with relevant and focused content that meets their needs.

Use a publishing calendar

You want to send content out regularly and the best way to do so is by planning ahead. You want to ensure that customers remember you and that they start to know when your emails will arrive. A failure to adhere to a regular schedule increases the likelihood of your emails being deleted unread.



No matter how skilled you are or how much experience you have in creating good quality content, you need to edit. This means that you should leave plenty of time to reevaluate your email before hitting the send button. Just because content is in an email doesn’t mean that grammar and style rules don’t apply, so take the time to ensure your email content is up to scratch.


Different people receive emails in different email service providers and they use different devices and browsers to read your email. This means that your email may look very different to one user than it will to another. This means that you should look to test your email content to make sure that it is readable and of a good quality for different users.

There are many tools you can use to do this, a big one is.. https://litmus.com/email-testing

Remember mobile users

Mobile and smartphone device usage is still continuing to rise and you need to make sure that your email is optimised for mobile users. If it isn’t, people will just delete the email and move on. There is no excuse for not running your email through tests or using a service provider that guarantees your email will be optimised for all mobile devices. Even if you are looking to reach out to business users, you will find that optimising your email for mobile users is essential.

Be aware of spam rules

It may be that you are sending out spam because you don’t know any better but ignorance is no excuse. You need to check the local spam regulations for your business but briefly, you are only allowed to send out bulk emails to people who have specifically signed up for your mailing list. If you obtained email addresses for an event invitation or a lunch competition, this isn’t the same as obtaining addresses for a mail out campaign and you will need to ask permission to send emails in this manner. You will also have to provide an unsubscribe option with every email you send.

This is what Infusionsofts spam counter looks like….:


Ensure people can share your content

If people want to share your content, you should look to make it as easy as possible. This means that you should include social media links within your email which means that users can post your content to the platforms that they use. You should then analyse to see if people are signing up after clicking through links on social media or after being referred by your email list audience.


Look at statistics

No matter what email service provider you use, you will find that they offer some statistics. It is worthwhile getting to know these statistics and determining the success or failure of your individual email activities. You should pay attention to open and click rates and if there is a notable movement up or down with these figures, try and ascertain why. Also, if you suffer a large number of people unsubscribing from your email list after an email, review and analyse that email to see if you can find out why.


Take a friendly tone

You should look to be friendly, casual and relaxed in your email. You want to create a personal mood and tone, which means offering some personal insight or information. You should also look to reach out to your audience in a personal manner, so be relaxed and helpful to them. Even though you are a business, there is a great deal to be said for creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere with your email content.

Only email when you have something to say

One of the biggest problems for businesses is users receiving emails that aren’t relevant or of any interest. This means that you should only look to send emails when you have something to say. It sounds like an obvious thing but a lot of businesses find that they have nothing worth talking about after a few emails. This is why it is of benefit to create a camping plan that will map out what you are going to say across a number of emails.


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