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10 Email Marketing Tips Small Businesses Need To Know

10 email marketing tips small businesses need to know

Email marketing should be considered an essential component of your marketing strategy. It used to be that you could send an email to your customers and that was enough to make a sale or get them to take action but that is no longer the case. The modern customer is savvy and they also view their email inbox as a sacred place that they don’t want populated with spam or intensive promotional activity.

This means that you need to reappraise your email marketing activities and here are 10 email marketing tips that small businesses should look to utilise.

Provide people with a reason to opt-in

To have a good email marketing strategy you need a good list and to have a good list, you need to get the right people to opt-in. You want to have an opt-in experience that is compelling and exciting. This means that you need to think about what people want from you and then focus on providing that. If you get this part of the process correct, you will develop a list but get it wrong and no one will want to connect with you.

Be clear on what you will do

You want to be clear on what you will do with your emails and how often you will email people. If you say you will only email on Thursday and you email on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, people will get annoyed.

Segment your list

Even if you are a small business, it is likely that you will have different types of customers. This is why you should look to segment your list into the different types of customers you have and then target the different segments in an effective manner. Taking this simple additional step is often the big difference between success and failure for many email marketing campaigns.

Be personal

If you are looking to make a connection with someone, you want the reader to think that the email was specially created for them. This is where segmenting your list is important because it will allow you to be more accurate in the way you speak to someone. However, you should also look to add a bit of your own personality and flair to the email conversation. Being personal about yourself and providing a personal touch about the recipient will help you to make a better connection with your audience.

Offer value

You know as a business that you should provide value at all times and it should go without saying that offering value is crucial for your email marketing campaign. You should look to have a 3:1 ratio with respect to value and promotion so offer a lot before you try and make sales.

Be sure to promote

While it is vital that you offer value and information, never forget the purpose of your email. You should always have a call to action involved and this means that there should be some element of promotion and sales activity.

Give people the chance to opt out

You don’t want to lose subscribers but if you don’t provide people with the chance to opt out, you will gain a bad reputation and may even find yourself in trouble. You should look to make the opt-out process as simple as possible for your users so add in this option and provide it with every email. If people are on your email list and have no interest in what you offer and will not buy from you, it is better for them, and you, that they can remove themselves from your email list.

Avoid being labelled as spam

It is vital that you are not considered as a spammer because if your emails are deemed to be spam, they will be blocked and not reach the intended recipient. Take a look at local laws regarding spam content and try to minimise the tell-tale signs of spam. There are certain words that can be caught in spam filters, such as free, and elements such as exclamation marks and capital letters will also flag your email up as spam to many email service providers.

Use a good email service provider

There are plenty of email service providers and mail-out options to choose from so think about your budget and level of confidence. No matter how big your list or what you want to achieve, there will be an email service provider that is ideal for your needs.

Be focused

You should always have a goal with every email. Whether it is getting someone to sign up for a new service or trial, to visit your site or log into an account, you should look to have a purpose with every email and you want to focus on that goal or aim in the email.

These 10 tips will provide you with an ideal starting point when it comes to developing an email marketing campaign. No matter the size of your business or what you want to achieve, an email marketing campaign can be the cornerstone of a good business, so familiarise yourself with these tips and push on with your marketing activities.


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